Dollar General Gain Scenarios – Get Gain Wasted – All Digital Coupons – NEWBIE FRIENDLY

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Easy Dollar General Scenarios With All Digital Coupons – Super Newbie Friendly


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Nancy Osorio says:

How many times I can use digital coupons?

Pattie Patriquin says:

I went to another dollar general and it was god awful they said i could not use the coupons withthe sale and they were so ignorant!

Derica and Jas says:


msnewmoney Brown says:

Great breakdown on video and website 👌 I'm a beginner and would like to know can I also combine my coupons from Sunday's paper (P&G)on top of the digital coupons? for the gain as well

Laura Becerril says:

So, if I want to do the deal where I get 5 dollars off instantly, I pick the three qualifying products, then get other gain products to use the 5 off 30 gain products, I know I'll have to get close to 40. After the cashier scans all the products and hits total, the 5 dollars come off instantly. Then after I enter my phone number so all the digital coupons can apply? Someone help me please. Thank you

pattie quin says:

got anythng for this sat 5 off of 25

Ms. Hill says:

Can you use the 5/30 Gain with the 5/25 General coupon?

Couponinglady Lala says:

I will try the deal tomorrow

Jan Golden says:

I am so frustrated. I live in a rural area, so its drive to get to DG. But I went and it was a great time to go 9pm in a small town. It took me 30 min to find all the right products, and I was so excited that I had them correct. The amount came up perfect. Then I put my number in for the coupons, their site was DOWN. They tried 3 times, guy said it was out all day yesterday too. It was my first time and I have a bad leg, but I wanted to succeed so badly. Now Im mad at DG. Can't believe it!

Tasha J says:

don't know if u answered but with the 5/30 can u use 3/15 to last with ur paper Q's?

Cassie G says:

I just went and did my first big transaction today!! I was a little nervous and didn't ask any questions next time I will. I did scenario number one my total came out to $17.55. After my completing my transaction I went out to my car check my phone and realized that one of the 3 coupon didn't come off. I used all tips and paper for the scenario just clammed up when my total came and wasn't sure what to do next so I just paid it. Next time I will do what you had mentioned about typing in the phone number again. Also while I was out in my car I seen that I had a $5 off on ur next purchase when u spend $5. I just so happened to see Charmin toilet paper 12=24 + rolls for 5 bucks so I went back in and graded a package and only ended up paying a penny for that transaction!! I was happy with how it all went!! Thank you thank you for sharing you amazing and helpful tips!! This new stay at home mom really needed the help!!

Darlene Mackie says:

I did this exactly the same, Total $22 🙁 They didn't count my $5 off $30, yet lost it in digital, can't redo. Tried putting my # in a second time, still didn't count it.
I did get the $5 print for next purchase. Making it a $17 purchase, which is still great for all that. Another thing, I only got .50 off dish liquid, cashier said it has to be the Spring Fresh(?) Gain. I bought regular gain dish liquid. She said all couponers know that and have wiped the shelf of it. DG digital is not 100% reliable. Thank you for this video, Very Helpful!

Couponinglady Lala says:

Can you explain how to get the $5 off $5.01 coupon? I dont mind the long videos. They are informative.

Enelida Ruiz says:

Hi I was wondering if I should include the 48 load fabric softener cause I saw it on scenario 1. But it's not mentioned here. TIA

Mrs. Carter says:

Went back,got The iteams and recieved My 5 off… yayyyy!!!

Scorpion Q says:

Am I doing something wrong after coupons #2 came out to $18.35 and did not give me 5 off 30

Lady T aka ValleyGirl says:

I enjoy how detailed you are and good to see guys taking the time to do couponing Do coupon anywhere is if not it's okay… I did that $5/$30 to do the to do the conjunction with buy 3 save $5 my final total on Saturday was $14.75 got the $5 to use this Saturday but my niece did exactly she added 2 candy for each her kid and Wally her $5 PG did print but I was still happy with my total

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