Dollar General$3/$15 digital today. .10 cent gain dish liquid🔥🔥🔥🔥

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Anciry Delahoya says:

My $5 off on 3 gain is not working with the dish washing soap 😢

Madison Whitten says:

Is the 5 off 3 coupon you used the 5 off 3 laundry detergent coupon?

Yazmin Campos says:

Hi I love your channel but I do t understand how you were able to use the 3 off 15 if for every 3 you handed them a coupon will I be able to give them my printed 3 off 15? If so when should I ?

tomuch says:


coupon queen says:

how were you able to use the 3 off 15 with this deal if they put the coupons in? or did you not need it?

Jessie Melendez says:

Great Video im def getting back into couponing! I’m so glad I checked your channel out! I just subscribed to your channel. I’m a new channel on YouTube and was wondering if you could maybe check my channel out and possibly like and subscribe as well. It would literally mean the world to me. So we can support each other. Thank you so so much for your time 🙂 Happy YouTubing Subbie #897

sweetie coupons says:

Hi I have a question sweetheart I love you videos I always watch who do I show her to 3 off of 15 at the end or how does that work I have the gain $5 off coupons I just need to know will it still come up when I press in my phone number?

LadyMekah says:

Well I guess I'll b purchasing some Gain dishwashing liquid. Thx as always.

Melissa Chochard says:

💙💙💙💙…Luv these $5/3 Gain q's…Make it work, Andrea….NIIICE HAUL…

Hendri720 says:

Where can I get the gain and the Lysol q's

Danilo Ortiz says:

Great deal….thanks for sharing

Bobbie loves to coupon says:

I got the digital yea! Thanks4sharing!

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