Dollar Tree Free Stuff & Walmart With Overage & Printable Coupons

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Dollar Tree free stuff & Walmart with overage & printable coupons.

My website printable coupon page:
Also for new couponers make sure you check out my how to coupon for beginner playlist

More sites for coupons:



Who do I talk to about getting my money on coupon overage? My Walmart manager wouldn't even add it to a separate pushing item? And there poky says that they can give cash or add it to the purchasing basket.

Cenithia Hale - Garner says:

Also have does BOGO coupons work on a BOGO sales?;

Cenithia Hale - Garner says:

Thank you; I have been trying; but where is a good place to get coupons so I can stock pile items?

Luvin Pruneda says:

Hey Jeff ! I have alot of P&G from 10-28 and I am just learning to coupon. As you can see I have a big family and just had a new baby boy 2 months ago so havent been back to work yet….I decide to start couponing to help my husband a litle and really am enjoying it but, on these inserts I have right now I haven found any deal or just dont know how they work yet???
Any ideas or tips will help.
Thanks Crystal

Debbie Bransford says:

I wanted to get that axe for my son. Hes in the army and THEY are just great for his duffle bags

Debbie Bransford says:

I live in Tx and its so expense for a weekly paper. It cost me $4. a paper. and being on a strict budge its hard to get multi papers. Do you have suggestion. Im havig to start ALL over. Just FINALLY got moved into my own place and I need ALOT of things. All your help is deeply appreciated

souljagurlsha says:

awesomeness at it's best, thanx for sharing.

zoenico4 says:

Hi, I just start couponing but I been having problems with dollar tree they do not get coupons for instant $2/2 or $1.50/1. They told me they just get coupons $1/1 or less then a dollar and in my area they are like 3 Walmart and they don't price match dollar tree. I live north California and its a little bit hart but not impossible.

livingpoor says:

would be more then happy to help. first i need to know what coupons you have and what you are looking for.

livingpoor says:

you did you not get it? maybe i can help

xnohemithecouponerx says:

I really wanted the axe coupon :c.
Great video though!

BuyNew4Less says:

Please watch my video I posted today. I made $37 at wal mart. Please help me spread the word. Awesome deals

prepperchickie says:

I got those items last sunday!!!

livingpoor says:

thank you for coming by

livingpoor says:

ok i fixed it now. must of had a typo in the link. the coupon is all the way to the bottom on the right side

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