Dollar Tree Haul ~ MAY | Every 3rd Friday (Coupons’ Location & Links are Below)

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I had an AWESOME time couponing at Dollar Tree these past couple of weeks!!! Don’t forget to prowl the aisles for name brand, new, or “FREEEE” items. PLEASE like, share, comment, and subscribe! THANKS for watching! :-* ~ N

1. Palmolive Dish Detergent: $.50/1 – 5/1 SS
2. Clorox Bleach: $2.50/3 – Blinkie Coupons ($.50 for every 3)
3. Luigi’s Real Italian Ice: $1/2 – 5/7 RP
4. Bounty Basic Paper Towel: $.50/1 – 5/1 P&G
5. Puffs Tissue: $.25/1 –
6. Black Forest Gummies: $1/1 – 5/1 SS (“FREEE”)
7. Colgate Peroxyl Mouth Sore Rinse: $1/1 – 5/1 SS (“FREEE”)
8. Softsoap Liquid Hand Soap (?): $.50/1 – 5/1 SS
9. Curad Bandages, Gauze, and Tape: $1/1 – 5/8 SS (“FREEE”)
10.QlearQuil: $3/2 and $1/1 – (“FREEE”)
11.Facial Brush: Review coming in Loves & Loathes Video (6/3/16)
12.Children’s Triaminic Syrup: $1/1 – (“FREEE”)
13.Lysol Products: $.50/2 –
14.Scotch Cosmopolitan Tape Dispenser – “Cool Find, Right?”
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Joan Mildner says:

My store limit coupons now 2 coupons per items.Coz couponers not using right coupon and using them on trial size,not good.So now they restricted it.

Nancy Davis says:


DeadBroke Homestead says:

Our dollar tree allows one like coupon per transaction..but they will do however many transactions you have.

Mike Myers says:

I read they dont take photo copy coupons dose that mean they wont take a coupon I digitally print off at home? I dont get coupons since I live out in the middle of no where and dont want to pay 3 dollars for the Sunday paper that defeats the purpose. My only option is to go to sites like and clipp and print. Please reply I am very new to this. I have 3 kids and I am trying to save money and make sure my family has what they need. My names Mikkaila I am using my husbands youtube account because google wont let me log into mine says its suspicious so I dont know what to do.

asia lynn says:

There was a few couponers that came in regularly when I worked at the dollar tree and they saved a lot. I did what I could to make it easy for them but sometimes the stupid policies or managers made it difficult but they knew it wasn't me. I honestly don't get why they care the store gets reimbursed for the coupons they act like they're losing their own money or something. I think they just don't like seeing people get free stuff lol

Mary Cruse says:

It makes me angry, that these employees or managers acts like when you use a coupon it's money coming out of their pockets…..they know they get reimbursed so I don't know why stores have such an issue.

Nia Cunningham says:

love you!!!!!😁😁😁😁

Angels Haven says:


Angels Haven says:

My dt will not key in coupons period. I know she can and she knows she can but she WILL NOT!

Deb Geene says:

If you are going to coupon like this you need to develop a really thick skin. I've got rhino hide at this point. You go!!

Linda Kay Cates says:

they be doing me like that .

tango2u says:

That is a great haul but I just hate to see when people clear the shelves off like that. I ma surprised your Dollar Tree let you use that many coupons on all of those products. I guess that way a lot of stores are now limiting it to only 4 coupons per trip in a day.

D. R. says:

Wow, you are a SMART shopper! Love this video!!

Nicole Guerra says:

Oh man I have a clairasonic and oh man I love it. I wish I could afford to buy you one πŸ™‚

Denise Trujillo says:

i want that tape dispenser!!!! new subby u girl u have me wanting to learn how to coupon

Gina Trenholm says:

Do u still do dollar tree videos

Martha Montero says:

where you get the coupons?

androshi says:

i dont understand couponing ,are you allowed to give more than one coupon to the cashier?
or did you just go back to the store and shop again?
do you have any videos on how to coupon for beginners?

Chels T says:

She's so cute!

Jasmine Pender says:

Hi ! Do you teach ?? I live in Richmond as well

Shaquita Curtis says:

Hi, I have a question? I just started cutting coupons and was wondering if you can clarify the coupon policy at Dollar Tree. When I looked online it stated you can only use four like manufacturer coupons . But it also, say only 2 internet coupons but coupon must be a manufacturer coupon???????????? If I go to the manufacturer website and print them up can't I use as many as possible as long as I have a different coupon for each item. Or even if I printed the coupon from the manufacturer website it still would be considered a internet coupon?

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