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Samantha Jensen says:

Regarding expiring Walgreens points this month, if all my points have been earned this year in 2017 do they still expire this month?

mio 500 says:

Another Great video. Thank you so much for your insight, especially as a seasoned couponer. This is great info for newbies like myself. Also wanted to pass along info regarding a new rebate app called Fetch Rewards. I just got it, and I think it is one of the best so far. I wanted to let you know because I feel like I dropped the ball in telling you about Shopkicks. … Anyway I have a referral code, M3DPG, but NO big deal if you use it or not….. just enjoy the savings. .. Great Gift Cards! I love to give back to those who have given me so much.

Joni Koors says:

I print most of my coupons like you.. I don't get a lot of the coupons in my area that I want need. 🙂 Thanks for your videos.

New2 Coupons says:

This is a for sure great and exciting as well as helpful video👍

Stephanie Warren says:

thank you….fyi…i am trying to spread the word. I went to Walgreens and a manager cashed me out and asked if I wanted to use points….I did not…then she told me my points were expiring on 8/25…WTH???/ i HAVE NEVER HAD THAT PROBLEM, I hope they are not slapping an expiration date on redemption of points like the Register Rewards now …that will be a huge problem for those of us with large balance…especially without TELLING ANYONE!

Diand Bozard says:

What exactly is a moneymaker? How does that work?

Jeanette P says:

Not exactly video related but have you noticed the new issues with Savings Star and Checkout 51? When you activate an item on SS if it has a checkout 51 rebate it automatically claims it and you can not claim it on both. Somehow i guess they are linked now. I did it last night and I clipped it on SS and the rebate was less than the one on checkout 51 and even though my ck51 said i claimed it, I only received the cash back on SS. Between the Mfg Coupons and now this, they sure are making it tough!

Linda Patrick says:

Thank you for your price points on when to purchase to stock up. Thanks again Rachele and congrats on hitting 5000!

Shundra Denese Thornton says:

Great video. Thx

Vanessa Z says:

I love watching your videos and hauls. I'm a new couponer and it's blowing my mind all the things I was paying full price for. I think I get a little to excited when I have coupons on me. I'm afraid also if I wait I'll end up missing an opportunity

Cynthia Carreon says:

As always thank u for the advice!! I have noticed new deals come about where I can use another coupon I have left👍🙆‍♀️patience😊

Sir Save a lot says:

Awesome video

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