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I’m going to talk to you about the do’s and don’ts of stockpiling goods. So first off, if you’re going to start this kind of process, it’s important to understand your space. Right? How big is your pantry? Where can you store these items safely? If it’s going to be food products, canned goods, that sort of thing, it needs to be in a climate-controlled environment. So just be aware of that, and how much space you have.

Once you go out and start buying these things, it’s important to rotate your stock. Right? You want those things that are going to expire most recently toward the front. So that when you go down and you need that can of beans for whatever you’re cooking, you grab the one that’s going to expire soonest.

Another trick is to put together a list of the items that you buy often, and keep track of the prices. Like all things, prices change over a certain cycle. Tuna might be $4 on one day, and a dollar a week later. And generally, those savings are going to repeat over and over again. It’s a cycle. So if you can keep track of that, you’ll be able to stock much better. Right? Get a lot more savings if you’re able to get those lower prices and apply coupons.

Now, the don’ts. First off, don’t shelf clear. Right? It’s tempting. You see these great prices, and you’re just, like, “Hey. Wow. One dollar tuna. Let’s go ahead and fill the cart and buy all of this up.” Only buy what you need. Right? And make sure that you leave those savings for others.

Lastly, don’t let things expire. You are stocking up to help your family save money. And if things expire, that’s like throwing money away. At the very least, make sure that you donate things prior to that expiration date.

So there’s just a few tips on the do’s and don’ts of stockpiling.


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