Etsy Coupons | Do This NOW to Increase Sales

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Etsy Coupons | Do This NOW to Increase Sales

Knowing how to use Etsy coupons is very important as a seller. In today’s Etsy Print on Demand tutorial 2021, I teach you how to make discount codes on Etsy and walk you through the Etsy setup special offers process. Creating discount codes on Etsy is quick and simple. Once you know how to create coupons on Etsy and how to offer coupons on Etsy, you can then strategize how to use these special offers and coupons on Etsy to increase conversion and repeat customers. Within Etsy’s system, you can retarget potential customers who have favorited an item in your shop or abandoned their cart, which is a great way to convert a customer who was interested in your product.

I hope you found value in this Etsy coupon tutorial! If you are looking for a specific Etsy print on demand tutorial, please let me know in the comment section. Thanks for watching!


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@christinamilan3298 says:

I don't have that "Send as a thank you" option on my shop. Do you know why?

@LennyYT says:

Is there a way to generate one time unique coupons that are sent automatically?🙏

@j348011 says:

I'm a new shop on Etsy owner just starting out. I have a question about the coupons. Do you just take a loss of 10% of your profit? If not, how do you change that just handing out coupons. Thank you for all this info, too. I've been watching your videos for the past few days.

@AntonyLe55 says:

Thanks Brenon. This is dope! Easy to do, and it adds a very professional touch to the shop!

@lydiaayuk8384 says:

Hi Brenon, can my customers profit from both a sale and a coupon code at the same time. I’m asking this because I’m running a 25% discount sale and same time coupons of 10%, does it mean my customers will profit and make 35% off the products?

@89georgel says:

Hi. is it possible to sell the same design on etsy and also on teespring and redbubble? is any policy regarding this? I couldn't find an answer. thank you for your work. you inspired me to start selling.

@outtabox9567 says:

Hi, I started my etsy shop 2 months ago and I got 11 sales. Which has random POD and digital stuffs. I finally came up with a niche to start a new shop. Is it ok to have 3 micro niches like 3 sections and please suggest me which print service should I go for leggins, shorts and sports bras. Custom cat/ pritify/printful/ any other?

@alexsandrianegron4741 says:

Hello Brenon! I do have a question.
When I begin to create a new listing, I first create it on printful. Then once it's synced to my Etsy page, I go on esty on edit it further on there. When editing it on Etsy, I make sure to complete all of the filling the blanks.

Now heres the problem..Next, when I go to hit the "publish" button to post it, it tells me that there is an error. The error message reads: "fill out all of the required fields correctly in order to preview or save". So….. I look back to see if I forgot to fill something out but everything has been filled out. At the bottom of my screen the error message specifically states that my listing details are what is wrong.

I have all my listing details separateed by commas. But still error.
Don't know what the problem is?🤔

@mouadguabrah6051 says:

Welcome baaack, thank you for your priceless informations 🙏

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