Everybody Hates Chris (Foodstamps Scenes)

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Funny scene from Everybody Hates Chris the foodstamps episode


Monique Jackson says:

He said can you do your hair yourself

Monique Jackson says:

She got no money but complain about free food stamps

Hey Joe says:

Where's the clip ?? where Julius is shopping and he's grabbing all the cheapest stuff he can find, and then as he's about to check out he see's a shopping cart with a bunch of stuff in it marked CLEARANCE. He dumps his on the floor i think, and starts tossing all the clearance stuff in his cart. funny as hell.

Space Raanger says:

this show is soo coonish ahah that first scene !! but if whites wanna understand black culture more… i guess watch this ?

Clement Aka says:

My father love to found 💰money dwag

Fruitown _ Piru4Gs says:

I still don't know what foodstamps are used for?

Robert Diaz says:

Does the mom bug anyone else or is that just me ?

Milly Fee says:

Lol. "Ghetto snob"

ruzzell907 says:

Unforgettable episode

ruzzell907 says:

" They treat me like I ain't got no class " That's so true.

Bella's Cult says:

I kinda like the off brand things they taste better

DarthVastVader says:

2:44 omg

larry turner says:

love this family

Nate Taylor says:

Love the classic music in the scenes lol hilarious name band scene 😂😂😂

SSJ4MAL says:

Did anyone else notice that when Rochelle was shopping, the dude in the back was holding a flat item labeled COOKIE? Like is it literally just one cookie?

Janiyah Matthews says:

"That's not even my mother!"😂😂😂 idk why im dying😂

Bruh Mazing says:

Bruh i love this show

TheBrownBomber 1 says:

Am I the only one that fins Tichina sexy? Lmao

Ivy Girl says:

I swear Rochelle is too focused on the people think about her

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