EXPIRED How to get free McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets or Big Mac (Ontario Only)

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McDonald’s is giving anyone who installs their app 6 free McNuggets or a Big Mac (till December 18). However you can easily spam this by using fakemailgenerator.com (10minutemail emails no longer work). This promotion is valid in Ontario, Canada only!

Here are some more details.
– The coupon is automatically given to all users who haven’t used the coupon before every 5 minutes.
– Only one coupon is given per account.
– Once you have offers enabled you can log off and create another account and the coupon will still be given to the offline account (So you can make a bunch of accounts, activate them, subscribe them to offers so you don’t have to wait for coupon codes at a McD’s location).
– You can use parallel space to create another McD’s app so that you can have two accounts logged in simultaneously (this allows you to have two codes actively open on your device and ready to enter)
– You can only use ONE coupon per order, if you try using two the first coupon is automatically removed (Therefore you have to multiple orders for multiple free Nuggets or Big Macs)

If you are a RFD member, please upvote the thread http://forums.redflagdeals.com/mcdonalds-free-mcdonalds-chicken-nuggets-big-mac-ontario-only-2062415/

Easiest way to create many accounts with the coupon (so you don’t have to wait for coupons)
– Open two fakemailgenerator tabs on your browser
– Copy one email and register it on the app
– Instead of waiting for the confirmation email to arrive.
– Switch tabs to the second fakemailgenerator and copy and register that one
– Go back to the first tab, confirm the account then login with the first email and subscribe to offers.
– Logout
– Confirm the second email, login, subscribe to offers.
– Logout
– Repeat

– Then you can just login later on and don’t have to wait for a coupon.


Riley Freeman says:

Does this work in usa

Sam Neece says:

does work after you use it once will it refresh

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