Explaining Coupon Clipping Services

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A short explanation of what to expect when you use a coupon clipping service! Hope this helps!


Veronica Smile says:

What I would like to know is how do the coupon clipping services get their coupons so I can start the service

cmcghee10 says:

I love coupon by dede's

PreppingOnABudget says:

Oh cool! I didn't know that! Just used some of those Listerine coupons today… the store finally put the 1L bottles (5.49) on sale for 3.99 and they doubled the .50 coupon. My final cost per bottle 2.99! I'm going to try this on the yard. Thanks Buckrun11

Buckrun11 says:

You know if you have a sprayer you can spray your yard with the mouthwash. I have heard it will keep the bugs away. I don't know if it will get rid of the ants though.

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