Extra Rite-Aid Coupons in Sunday Paper 5/1/16

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michellesfrugallivin says:

No bonus coupons for me

Hunnie B says:

Hey Jana…….wow, excellent coupons, way to go girl 🙂

MrsCottonCandy DarlingLife says:

Happy Monday Jana !!!
Great Coupons, thank you for sharing with us !!! Love ya, Big Hugs =)

Lilleybugglane says:

Hi Jana! Good tip… look for coupons on ALL the circulars in the papers!  Isn't it funny how one paper has better/more coupon circulars than others???  Can't wait to see your RA goodies!!!  TAKE care friend!  XO  lala  :o)

Gwendolyn Brown says:

Ugh man! I wish we got those in our papers. I don't know why somes states get them and some don't. I'd kill to get to So Cal to get a paper with those lol but awesome!

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