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With a $6,000 haul and 100% savings, Chris becomes the champion!

TLC | For more visit http://tlc.howstuffworks.com/tv/extreme-couponing/#mkcpgn=yttlc1


HDKeithCookVO3D 231 says:

Chris needs to go to a mental hospital.. HE LOVESSSS NUMBERS! 😂😂😂

Jiggle Wiggle says:


charles jumangit says:

Omfg stop at 2:35 he did a gang sign omfg.
And btw I hate coupons people cuz they make the stores broken which make the workers broke too………………..

Edit:LOL nvm i was wrong it would just make the stores broke not the workers. I found out when i was ready comments sorry.

Milk Dud says:

these cashiers better be paid $3 for every coupon

Muang Saechao says:

Coupon abuse. How the hell do you get multiple (he had a stack) of high value, even free, coupons? You’re lucky to get one or two from manufacturers.

Turtle & Pizza says:

These People Stole From The Store Legally, I’m Mind Blown

lucy mori says:

Poor cashiers

SinCity Sinner says:

WTF? At about 34 seconds into the video it says that lady is Columbus Ohio's greatest super saver, but she is standing in front of a store named "Glaziers", and the banner on the store says that Glaziers was voted the best store in Las Vegas. I was born and have lived my entire life I Las Vegas and have never seen or heard of a store named Glaziers. Is there a Las Vegas in the state of Ohio? I know I used to think that Las Vegas NV was the only Vegas until like High school, then I had my teenage mind blown when I learned about the Las Vegas in New Mexico, lol. Is there anyone from Ohio that knows if there is a Las Vegas community somewhere in the Columbus area?

Neil Rigsbee says:

I feel sorry for the cashiers

Darius 0 says:

I wish we had coupons in Australia

Jopi says:

they basically just robbed the stores but legally..

Jopi says:

oml poor people scanning everything

Brad Lavoie says:


Safy Faizy says:

This is why coupons sucks now

BBB Productions says:

This must be fake

Will Mann says:

They should give it to the homeless

Oscar zilveroog says:

How the fuck did I get here

jack 9200 says:

im glad they give it all away to needy people, but seriously these people are like crack addicts, they have a serious problem even if it can be considered "healthy"

Lil Wolf says:

4,000 dollars worth of food for free crazy man😂

ItsMikaelaYourQueen says:

I'm not impressed my the coupons, I'm impressed by the cashiers they're so hella patient! I would've died at 3 coupons

MisturHuynh says:

man wtf 0 holy shxt i needa coupon

MystiCalBEING89 says:

madness u can do this in the U.S

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