Extreme Couponing- Coupons from Above

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Watch Extreme Couponing Wednesdays @ 9pm | For more, visit http://tlc.howstuffworks.com/tv/extreme-couponing/#mkcpgn=yttlc1 | So far, she’s stockpiled over $75,000, but where does Missy get her coupon inspiration?


private personal concierge says:

funny thing is, she won't help others! so whats the point in showing her!

LeeshCoupons says:

@kctafoya well what you don't know is that their daughter probably has a closet full of tops where they were able to get a better deal, i mean some people just don't have money like that, and if they do isn't smart to spend your money when you get the most

LeeshCoupons says:

@Cortino9 majority of couponers who stockpile donate to homeless shelters or food banks, they said she has a family of 10, so they probably use most it, and I can't speak for her, but almost all couponers donate their extras

LeeshCoupons says:

@HannahHollywood101 most meat and dairy stores nicely in a freezer, and usually meat/dairy is bought on a weekly basis by couponers, at least couponers i know

LeeshCoupons says:

@AReptileMan The show is meant to be flashy and attract viewers like flys, most coupers do teach but outside of the show, check out my channel and you'll learn a lot about the youtube couponing community and i have a beginners guide on my youtube channel

HannahHollywood101 says:

wouldn't like the meat/dairy etc. products go bad? What's the point of stocking up on all that when there's no way you can eat it all…

Pierre Vovan says:

Well we all know who is surviving when the zombie apocalypse is coming.

BananaphoneInc says:

It seems so wasteful…

Tommy Ace says:

No offense, but you would be classified in the section 'stereotypical ignorant american' when you use the line 'it comes from god'.

Cortino9 says:

… A stockpile worth about $75,000 what about the people who starve to death…

G00g284 says:


kctafoya says:

Don't those coupons expire? These kind of penny pinchers drive me crazy. They remind me of women that come into my store and won't buy their daughter a 8.99 clearance top because "it's final sale and you guys won't give cash back." Really?

BeautyandKittens says:

that takes talent lol

kristin castellano says:

WOW God is sure generous to her WOW.. Ok so how in the world does she every get to cut all those out! CONFUSED. One day i sat for 3 hours cutting about 6 inserts LOL.. ..Apparently God comes and cuts the inserts too haha..

Alex Senpai says:

@drftme yeah, they usually expire after 30 days of being printed. i wouldnt doubt if she used a couple thousand a week lol

idontevencare says:

dont Coupons have an expiry date in the US?
unless she uses 1,000s a week

ServeTheBeaver says:

This could double as an episode of hoarders.

Marika White says:

i hope she recycles all the clippings that arnt coupons!

punkotek says:

@poconosfishin haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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