Extreme Couponing: Episode 7 – Kelly And Rebecca

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Shine the Ayys says:

This is better than being a cheapskate

Machine is Love says:

Now she can donate it all!!!

Jailan Holley says:

I hate to say it but her life is excellent. She saved thousands of dollars on groceries. And she donates. But I do feel bad for the cashiers tho😂😂😂😂😂

Lexie Gibbs says:

lol and this is why coupons all now have stipulations no doubles of the same amount, cant go towards low sales, cant apply if it is more than the amount of the item, one coupon per person, and one per transaction, and NO MULTIPLE TRANSACTIONS lol

Joey Pidgeon says:

One of the girls has enough food and water for a nuke bunker

Vanna Khatiyavong says:

I would feel so guilty and like a thief

KickBackGames says:

"I like free stuff". So do i but i have to WORK for it and actualy pay.

Brieen says:

Goes into shop
Gets money for buying stuff

ScoopyD says:

honestly why the fuck can people with money get so many coupons while my broke ass in college working and studying everday cant get afford much more than ramen?

A'liyah bazan says:

why do I love watching these

Lil Hunny says:

I buy ALOT OF MAGAZINES just for coupons but in the newspaper yOu can find some too

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