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www.TipResource.com – Jen just returned from the store with over $300 worth of free groceries…she had to lay down .21 cents to check out! Learn the coupon secrets of the pros with Jenns Super-Coupon system and never shop the same way again. You too can learn how to maximize your grocery savings and purchase hundreds of dollars’ worth of groceries for pennies. Learn which stores will let you stack multiple coupons, how to track sales and discounts online! Wouldn’t it be awesome to get the store to pay you to shop? EXTREME COUPONING FREE GROCERIES!


Den B says:

I am very curious what costed 21c?

Cynthia Gonzales says:

I live in Austin,Texas. I could genuinely use the help because I am trying but im not succeeding. I just clipped $100 worth of coupons but….im trying to get to your status.

tipresource says:

Where do you live? I do couponing classes in several cities.

Come to my site tipresource(dot)com and on the side bar you will see "coupon Class" click on that and It will give you the most updated class times.

Cynthia Gonzales says:

i cant figure it out. i genuinely need help couponing. where do they get all the coupons? i try but the online ones suck…and i just need help.

shannan2000 says:

I can't get that in UK 🙁 Wish I lived in USA. Thats Amazing! x

ParkParks93 says:

That's amazing!!!! I wish we had couponing like this in the UK- it just doesn't exist!!

extremecouponexposed says:

O. My. Goodness. This is just amazing!

Beth Lichtenfels says:

how did she get the fruit/veg for free?

Milly Martin says:

omg can u teach me

LUCKas1212 says:

@Feared1AJ lol man i cant imagine .. yea i work sales for a cable company and EVERY order processed is some kindof discounted campaign or offer… but i cant hate em for doin it , if everyone else is i will too (if i actually ever take the time to do so) :/

Feared1AJ says:

I know this isn't a very popular opinion, but I'm a cashier at target, and this is absolutely terrifying.


please please please explain how this works I have been getting a thing of coupons once a month and it usually only has one or two coupons I can use and there for my dog! were flat broke and eat ramen and maccoroni all the time which is starting to taste awful I need your help! ANYBODY READING THIS THAT KNOWS PLEASE WRITE ME!

J Tee says:

Where can I get the coupons in BULK&what are the websites if you don't mind me asking..

billionscristan says:

Omg!! Please tell me how you do this? I'm new to the coupon life!! Help!!!

Carol Rohrer says:

Yep, the deals are going away!

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