Extreme Couponing (Free Plus Money Maker Toilet Paper)

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This is one of the only times I stock up on paper goods.


Tittlesnhizmouf says:

Also i just subbed and wanted to know how can I find out when kmart doubles coupons?

Tittlesnhizmouf says:

how do you the amt and type of catalina your suppose to be getting? I'm new to EC and before starting I use to just throw those things away but now that Im about to start EC I will be looking to getting them

susan markwrd says:

ps…..yr a great shopper!!!

susan markwrd says:

i dont get kmarts ad plus my sundays coupon seem to only be good for 2 weeks….i remeber years ago they didnt expire for a long time

NOLAcouponqueen504 says:

thank you so much for posting the video. I had to go to two different Kmarts because one would not take internet coupons and basically lied to me but I didn't feel like arguing about it. my second Kmart and the only one I will coupon at ever took them without an issue and the transaction was smooth. I didn't do it again because I already had a ton of paper products from Walgreen's last week so I just got some coffee that was on sale and some glade winter collections for free because it was 75% off. I may go back for the rest tomorrow. I wonder if I call that number if I can report them cause that was such a bad experience.

Taneka & Fred says:

Thanks for this video . I haven't been couponing but I want to start again and continue my stockpile . I need some tips girl 🙂

Rogenia PG says:

Thank you for the deals. Little man sounds like a baby lion cub.☺

tame112blood says:

Happy New Year to you and your family!

We don't have K-Mart. 🙁

tame112blood says:

Happy New Year to you and your family!

We don't have K-Mart. 🙁

tame112blood says:

Happy New Year to you and your family!

We don't have K-Mart. 🙁

72monkeylady says:

Happy New Year! This is a great deal. My Kmart is NOT doubling coupons this week! My friend and I went to Kmart the other day. We were so excited to see the shelves still full. But at the same time something did not seem right. We were approach by the store manager that always have an attitude. She told us that double coupons is not being advertised this week in there ad. Well you know we were not happy!

melanie fisher says:

Great deal!!!! I did Viva yesterday doing Scott today!!! Thank you so much because im not on instagram…..

Lanita Richardson says:

Kmart here wouldn't take my printable

GregThatDudeTv says:

This is an amazing deal. I still hasn't made it to Kmart this week yet.

plainkaren says:

It was nice meeting you at rite aid the other day I need my own car now I live 3mins from Kmart and I'd hate to miss out on this deal!

Qponclippingteacher says:

Such an awesome week for stocking up on toilet paper!! Nice work!

Ilhan Mohamed says:

is the coupon printable? and happy new year

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