Extreme Couponing: How to Get Coupons in Canada

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http://www.MrsJanuary.com/ Cassie Howard shows you just how easy it is to get coupons in Canada. She shares her top 4 places for locating Canadian coupons. http://www.MrsJanuary.com/


geg1995 says:

i find your mrsjanuary,com only has coupons for eastern canada not western ? am i missing something

Stacy Serrano says:

Great video!

MsPrettymum says:

Hi cassie, Just wanted to let you know I followed a lot of your tips from your website about couponning. Thanks for your tips, they were really helpful. xox

Jasmine Wiznuk says:

thanks for your advice!

sophisticatedtw says:

You are also in Canada? Nice to meet you neighbour! Obtaining coupons, stacking them and applying them are so different from the states. We just have to tweak a method for retailers to comply 🙂

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