Extreme Couponing Lisa &April Season 3 Episode 6

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Lisa feeds her family for a month on $20. If you want to learn how to shop like like us visit
or visit us on facebook- https://www.facebook.com/CouponGirlsLA


stephen S says:

How do I do this 😫

Emily Amick says:

Is there another part of this

Itspatriciaganda says:

Everytime i watched extreme couponing when thses people saw the total 500+ thy was like " i dont 500 in my pocket " 🙄 hahahah

Samantha Stinnett says:

Ok its all over the news about how there using invalid or illegal coupons so i really dont belive half of this tv show anymore

chelsey horta says:

you know if u guys think about it it's better than extreme cheapskates

Blessing x says:

"let coupons set you free" 💀💀😂😭

Lizabeth Gussman says:

Why the spread sheets?

jennifer h says:

I don't get the first story that's the entire grocery visit for a month so no milk, eggs, bread, you know basic stuff for the family for a month?

My Slime Channel says:

Wow good job

Pamela Saint says:

I wish I can do it this extreme.. I can't.. the stores by me will take the coupons but the items are very high and toilet paper is still going to cost a lot..

Chass Whipps says:

Hi Lisa!! That tracker….I just told my famy last night I want to track ALL & Every. single thing. How do you do yours??

Taran Tula says:

These people are so sad. Your house is full of nothing but shit. And you look like an idiot.

Radio — Lynxes says:

50 seconds in: 'She's going to host a blah blah blah on nothing but coupons.'
'Ugh extreme cheapskates.'

I really hope she means she'll save money and use it for whatever her daughter wants.

Jerianne Broadwater says:

Where is the rest of the episode?

Tifa Lionheart says:

What coupons dose she use with so many papers? i want to know where can i find that bunches coupons with the same paper? any helper?

Deathly Horcruxes says:

lol you crazy

Megan Demaree says:

I need some tea coupons but can't find any for Lipton

Inuzupunupi says:

But… How do you feed your family on 43 boxes of tea -.-

Sméagol says:

And who looses money on this?!

Chelsea Kennedy says:

as a cashier this makes me cringe, i would absolutely be so annoyed  if i had to scan all those items and all those coupons. Good things where i work theres a limit of 24 items per person on everything and a lock on 19 coupons

Ten la nu emet says:

I can't believe all the nasty comments. She learn the talent of couponing out of necessity. She is doing the best she can with what her family has. You Dont know her families situation so how can you judge? She might not be the breadwinner of the family or maybe she can't work but she is putting in equal effort to make sure that every dollar stretches. That is priceless in a family setting.

Vidal Lares says:

I've been using coupons and definitely save a lot, but sometimes the register lines are too long and it's just not practical to use so many paper coupons all the time. So, I just started using a free app on my phone that pays you to buy certain things that you already buy, like milk and bread, cloths, house stuff, etc. I'm saving more than using coupons alone, so feel free to check it. https://ibotta.com/r/delyhbu

simpson homer says:

Doing a good job Lisa you got haters LOL keep it up love ya

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