Extreme Couponing – Season 2, Episode 1 – Judy & Faatima

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Marie S says:

lol theres commercials on this one for some reason i love it feels like real tv

MantasiaHater says:

What amazes me about these stupid couponers is that they "think" they are saving money when in fact, if that moronic Connecticut lady were to GET A JOB, she would be bringing in MORE than what she is "saving" by buying those shitty canned foods an hundreds of deodorants. If the stupid heifer got a job, she could buy healthier meals for her family.

debbles says:

Most of that food was soooooo unhealthy!!! No way I would put health before my bank balance! Buy fresh not canned rubbish, full of crap and so much sugar in the iced tea and lemonade!!!! That's not being helpful to a friend, its bad for them!

Sonjae George says:

She should just stick to couponing because she hasn't got a sense of rhythm

araceli rebollo says:

This lady trying to make a damn rap about coupons. . . If she have coupons for everything I am very sure she has some to buy hair brushes.

Shelly Hall says:

She had to buy 200 papers to get all those coupons so you have to factor that cost in to it too. It didn't cost 35, it cost 35 plus however much the papers were, say at a dollar a paper that's another 200 bucks.  That having been said I wish I lived in America, we don't get coupons like this here in New Zealand.

Alison Laing says:

not being judgemental with these people etc, but are they healthy with all this etc etc??????

Brooke Molloy says:

Hi first comment

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