Extreme Couponing Season 3, Episode 4 Joyce and Aprille

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Faith Lee says:

i wouldnt mind living with her with all those snacks.. and food

Cyndee Wenzel says:

Saving money is all well and good, but the food they bought with the coupons are not healthy! The food is poor nutrition with a lot of unneeded calories, way to much salt, way to much artery clogging fat. I mean what good is saving money when you'll be paying it all to the doctor when you have diabetes, triple heart bypass surgeries, etc. (heaven forbid but it's inevitable.)  Any processed foods like this are horrible for people. Boxed foods like this is what adds so much calories! I pray for these people. Please change your eating habits before it's too late. I don't want to sound mean, but I've really researched these foods. Most people don't know that cancer starts in our own bodies, it's when our own cell mutates and goes "rogue" as they say, a healthy immune system will destroy the "rogue" cells, but a body without a healthy immune system cannot destroy the "rogue" cells. And they multiply into the billions until a tumor is detected. What keeps our immune system healthy is dark green, leafy vegetables! Brussel sprouts are known to explode cancer cells! What cancer thrives on is sugar and mucus (milk products) what "agitates" cancer in our bodies and encourages it, are these processed foods, microwaveable trays that meals come on, water bottles with BPA, bisphenol A) all the dinners in those microwaveable containers help the cancer right along! So please eat healthier. 🙂

Candice Ross says:

I'm a couponer but find some of these people incredibly greedy. As for the looking for the right cashier – that screams "scammer" to me.

Rose says:

Are people allowed to buy that many pain killers at once?

ItsMe Cat says:

Tlc's next show extreme horders cheapskate s go extreme couponing

oh shit waddup here comes dat boi says:

Still wouuldnt find anything to eat

chantelle strong says:

And do you know how to get free coupons in your mailbox

chantelle strong says:

Do you know where any of these people got there coupons

debbles says:

Both of these ladies are a bit nutty and a bit rude. Aprille's boyfriend is very understanding… the stuff should have been sent to the basement, not him! That's so horrible of her!

EXO_Kaiser S says:

Lol milk expires why 61 milk cartons fuck

Luis plays says:

I like it when aprille says "BOOM"

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