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http://JenFreeman.com – SELECTING COUPONS prior to your adventure is important…here’s an easy way to do it – Jen just returned from the store with over $297 worth of free groceries…she had to lay down .67 cents to check out! Learn the coupon secrets of the pros with Jen’s Super-Coupon system and never shop the same way again. You too can learn how to maximize your grocery savings and purchase hundreds of dollars’ worth of groceries for pennies. Learn which stores will let you stack multiple coupons, how to track sales and discounts online! Wouldn’t it be awesome to get the store to pay you to shop? Free Meat and Vegetables too. how to use coupons / using extreme couponing

Jen Freeman was featured on TLC Extreme Couponing and Extreme Couponing All_Stars


Angela Torres says:

i need help what does limit 1 coupon per custmer per transaction

Rachael Daniels says:

thank you I had a way to save all my makeup and stuff if I don't want to pay the price and if I want to get it cheap and if I want to get up and get out the store without the manager catching me but nothing major casting of robbing store more or less thinking after this thing over here and want to pick it up and yeah that kind of stuff how do I keep their forehead from happening how do I get to love out of my extreme coupon

Rachael Daniels says:

how do you think I just messed up a new hobby scrapbooking

MARQUE says:

I'm new in this… how I can find these magazines ?

MARQUE says:

I'm new in this… how I can find these magazines ?

Crystal Rios says:

Does anybody know how to get these cuponing she said they come in the mail by I dnt receive these in my mail

Stacy Serrano says:

Great info thank you!

Free Coupon & Promo Codes says:

fabulous description and resources for couponing

redmond424 says:

Coupons are a great way to save. But if you want to pay off your credit cards and mortgage and use investment dividends to pay your monthly bills, Google the Dividends Pay My Bills Method. Believe me it works. Google it.

Janet Fernandez says:

Need help couponing dont know how to even star .ihave 3kids and idont geat any imcome

Jp parra says:

I will literally pay someone to shop for me.

Heba Brohi says:

Awesome! Thanks for your help 😀

tipresource says:

No, it is One coupon PER PURCHASE. A purchase is an item and my entire shopping trip is one transaction. That means I can use one coupon PER ITEM I purchase. I buy 5 cans of soup and I use 5 coupons (on coupon PER PURCHASE). Hope this explains it better. Jen

tipresource says:

yes, I use all 5 and one time (most times) I will wait to buy items until they are on sale, then I buy 5 items at the discount price, using my coupons and the deals are then pennies on the dollar.

my website tipresource(dot)com will help you with more couponing.

tipresource says:

They items that were free was because the items were on sale that week and the coupon covered the sale price! Dentyne was on sale for $1 and the coupon was $1 off == Free!

Come to my website my website tipresource(dot)com and learn more.

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