Extreme Couponing – UK Style! Todays coupons received in the post

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I emailed 55 companies over the weekend and received a load of coupons today

I’ve listed the companies and the contact forms/email addresses I used on my blog post here http://confessionsofacompaholic.wordpress.com/2013/03/14/extreme-couponing-uk-style-video-showing-todays-coupons-received-in-the-post/


Coupon Princess UK says:

I wish you could make more videos

Sheila Assadi says:

Please continue making video

J Campbell says:

I'm a single father of 3 and would appreciate any info. I do 2 shops a week each £75 a go. I desparately need to save – to take them away to visit family in Australia. Can anyone point me in the right direction.

Lucy Ure says:

Did you give them ur email on the first one u sent to them? Or on the follow up email?

millie jo says:

you can usually do it at any age x

morgan hoskin says:

is there an age limit to it all because i am 14 but would really like to help my family to save money thanks

Love As honey says:

do you ask them to give you coupons

jayneproudmumma slimming says:

hi where do I find your blog please hun im in the uk , would like to try get coupons many thanks x

pixie3113 says:

Are you going to make more videos like this? I love freebie videos!

Niamh Smith says:

how did u find the emails xx

Aisha Dambam says:

can you find coupons in newpapers or magazines???

Sandra Port says:

I've actually misplaced/lost my flipcam and don't have anything to record with – I'll add more when I finally find it. Loads of posts and photos on my blog though

Wednesday Havok says:

Hello, I just commented on your site and now subscribed here, I have done my first email shot to companies for coupons / samples as soon as I get the ball rolling i will do a video response 😀 your so inspirational 😀 xx

Tanya Mcnaught says:

how did you get in contact with bold as only site I come across is supersavvy, is this the right one?

Rachel says:

Have you received any more since? I love getting coupons in the post!

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