Facebook Discount Coupon App by the Online Video Marketing Group Vancouver

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Get the facebook viral discount coupon system for your company at http://OnlineVideoMarketingGroup.com
** This easy to use facebook coupon system lets you offer discounts to your new and existing clients with a share-gate or fan-gate. This fantastic system lets you virally increase your facebook likes and drive traffic to your offline business like never before!

All you need to do is offer an attractive discount for your product or service. We set up the coupon system for you, then you promote the special to your existing customer base.

** Here’s how it works **
When someone likes your facebook page they can print out a coupon with a unique QR Code that’s redeemable by your company.

All you need to do is scan the QR Code with a smartphone, and the coupon is automatically verified and redeemed. It’s as simple as that!

** Finally, facebook works for YOU! **
You have complete control over coupon expiry, value, and how many times the coupon can be redeemed.

If you’ve been giving away too much money to Groupon, then this is the perfect system for you! Groupon takes 50% of your already deeply discounted offer, and leaves you with almost nothing left to run your business!

Facebook coupons cost FAR LESS than Groupon takes from you!

Find out more about our coupon app at http://OnlineVideoMarketingGroup.com

** About the Online Video Marketing Group **
We are dedicated to helping small and medium sized businesses with their Digital Media needs. We offer Professional Video Production for your marketing needs, and we have a complete range of essential support for Mobile Marketing, facebook Tools, QR Code Structuring and Analytics, SEO and copywriting.

Contact us at http://OnlineVideoMarketingGroup.com for more information.


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