FAQ- how do I save coupons to pdf?

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Hey everyone,
❌❌❌please remember that the same rules apply whether you’re printing or saving. only 2 prints per device. and please do not print the same coupon over and over – that is still coupon fraud! ip’s are linked to your computer’s ip address!❌❌❌
-please excuse my voice, I woke up with a really bad sore throat. Hopefully I still spoke clearly enough to be understood. Here’s how I save my coupons to PDF files, I use this method on all 3 of my computers (pc’s), not 100% if it’s the same process for all computers, but it’s definitely work a try. Please let me know if this was helpful.
~~~~~thank you for watching~~~~~
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Daisy Loves To Save says:

❌❌❌please remember that the same rules apply whether you're printing or saving. only 2 prints per device. and please do not print the same coupon over and over – that is still coupon fraud! ip's are linked to your computer's ip address!❌❌❌

Jayne Lebrun says:

This is such a great way to organize coupons without printing. Thank you for the tip.

Sheila Montgomery says:

Thank you so much for showing this, was using alot of ink

dreamcastle57 says:

Thats very useful, thank you. I had one question, do you print one coupon per page or is there a way to add the saved coupons to print 3 per page???

Crystal Rojo says:

Thanks daisy! I am able to save it on my phone great way to save ink

Rosa Marie says:

WOW!!! I just tried this and it woooorrkkks!!!! Thanks so so much!! But, my only question is… when it's time to print can we add 3 coupons to 1 page or only 1 coupon per page? Also, when I tried to save to PDF thru the app on my phone it didn't give me that option and when I went to the website it did and I can now save on my mobile device. 😊

lupe Varichak says:

thank you so much for sharing….

Manny Soccer Lover says:

Daisy THANKS!!!! 🙏 a bunch 💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐

Terri Dean says:

Thank you. I have a samsung galaxy phone and can't figure out how to print from it. If you can do a video on how to save pdf's to it and how to print from it I would be over the moon grateful!

frecklemefancy says:

Mine print automatically, it never prompts me to the printing preferences.

Nonnie DeterminedToCoupon says:

Which browser are you using? When I go to print mine on my laptop or desktop, I'm not given a print menu option, I just am asked if I want to give my phone number for security reasons or an option to do it later and it auto prints. I am curious though if I can do this on my iPhone because I am given the print option.

Kfit says:

Thank you Daisy!!! You are such a treasure

La Tatitu says:

Fantástico!!! Gracias.

Laura H says:

Can u do one for MacBooks?

Samara S says:

Thank you for this! I don't have internet at home so I have to go to the library to print and sometimes my coupons don't print…but this will assure I can print them correctly and get a hot coupon from my phone when im not at the library…Thank you again

ileanna lopez says:

Gracias Daisy, help this tip a lot i use to print a lot of coupons and wors cut them and not ended use all just a few….

Justina Couto says:

Hola. dónde encuentro pdf en mi celular?

mum2ekk says:

can I save 3 coupons on each page cause I use hp instant ink and it tracks pages ??

jenifer wendt says:

so helpful. i just threw out 6 pages of coupons i never got to

Sandra Price says:

thank you for this video .It will help me very much. i am on a limited buget .so ty again for your help.

j3nnie99 says:

thank you. this is a great tip, I hate throwing away unused coupons. I rather only print the coupons that I need

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