First Dollar Tree Haul of May 2017 feat Swiffer

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Yall know I cant stay out the dollar tree. Check out what new items I found this go round.

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Lovecupcake86 says:

great video I love the cupcake container, sandals April shower sponge ♡ I love your personality I subscribed I hope you like my channel and subscribe too please stay in touch I also have a contest in my channel

Diontra Ragland says:

Great finds I hope to find the coconut oil but u should get the organic apple cider vinegar

everythinggirlyy_xo says:

New subscriber here❤️ love your videos. Im a teacher and it always feels great to be appreciated by your students & parents

Chasidy Stark says:

I'm a new subscriber, and have to say I love your channel. You're so upbeat and entertaining! You're so real. So many youtubers try to makr people think their life is perfect and to me that seems so fake. But you're the opposite. You're very down to earth.

Casey Earnest says:

New subbie here! I came over from PrettyNflawed. Great video and great personality….I'm looking forward to watching more of your videos! 🙂

Denis Fournier says:

Haul till we fall! Girl you're the best. Your energy is so contagious! Keep it up boo!

iamqgyrl says:

Good finds. I haven't been in a while

Lionness 33 says:

I'm a new subscriber I love your videos. 😍🌹❤️💕

colorfulmind 1 says:

Great haul, still lookin for the soap pouch T4S

RheaP JoY says:

DT carries the cupcake holder regularly so you'll definitely get another. They have the cake one and the egg one as well.

Nadia C. says:

I am in the DT at least 3 times per week.Make sure you get some more swiffer dusters because they dont get those alot. Maybe only 3 times a year at my store so get more.

Ashia Reeder says:

Love your DT hauls. I'm still trying to find that Ballairno(sp?) line. SC stores are so behind lol. TFS

Teresa Branham says:

Great haul!! Tyfs and I hope your having a great weekend!!

Christal Murpjy says:

love the haul, and yes could you do review on mask.and keep coming!!!!👍👍

The Pink Pearls Glam Parlour says:

Awesome! haul… thks for sharing. 👍thumbs up. Have a beautiful day. new here

CurdLurd says:

So glad I found you!!! Love the Dollar Tree and your videos!

Danielle Lee says:

You DT videos are bomb!

Tamara Thomas says:

great job I love the stuff I am from prettynflaw channel

Alissa Self says:

Fabulous haul! Loved your finds. Nothing better than the dollar tree! My favorite. TFS!

Rita Rodriguez says:

Love the brush.

AllThingsGirly XO says:

So girl I'm blaming you for my new addiction to Bolero products. I am in love with the oil and body cream!

Venetta Martin says:

omg u r hilarious!!! soo glad prettynflawed recommended ur channel. u had me rolling..literally!!!

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