Food Lion I Dollar General Grocery Haul

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Here’s Another Bi-Weekly Grocery Haul For Ya!

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Angee Steiner says:

Do you have an air fryer? I could not remember if you did.

Jennifer Napoli says:

Hi Donna, hope you and your family are Well! Thanks for sharing your haul😊
Hope you don’t have to spend as much on your groceries from now on. It is a significant difference. Hope you had a Happy Mother’s Day💐Stay safe and God Bless❤️🙏

Dilly Dally says:

Our grocery costs had been creeping up, too. I’m in north Florida, and I shop at Aldi, Publix or Walmart. Publix is always more expensive and it really is now. For now, I am only shopping at Aldi to save money and to get out of the store faster. I can shop during senior hours, and the store isn’t crowded. I also bag my items at my car after lightly spraying the packages in the cart with Lysol. (Weird, I know, LOL). I just feel better getting out of the store quicker. Aldi doesn’t carry as many items, but I’m trying to be more creative with recipes, and it’s working out OK.

Life with Mike says:

Yes our groceries here are going up! Boneless chicken is a dollar more a pound or more now! Beef is way high too. Pork also!😫

Life with Mike says:

Great haul Donna! We have a Food Lion but never go. We may check them out. I love English cucumbers! Dukes mayo is the best! Sorry I haven't been by in a while! That smoked Turkey breast looks delicious! I am slowly recovering from my surgery but I feel much better than I was. Tfs and have a great day!😊

Lynn Pierce says:

Nice haul. Prices of has really gone up.

DD Luxe says:

Happy Mother’s Day and thank you for your videos 😊💖

Mother of One says:

I’ve been watching your channel. I understand the issues with grocery budget increasing due to not being able to get the deals we want.

lemoncrinckles says:

That's quite a significant difference, Donna. Ouch! Hope you can get better prices at your other stores. Thanks for sharing, and Happy Mother's Day! (:

Stephy M. says:

Love your hauls! And wow groceries are going up! So best to be prepared. Stay safe thriftastic mom! 🙂

Lauren Bishop says:

I love watching your videos. They are so relaxing to listen to. Thanks for sharing!

Lynette Jackson says:

Love to watch your grocery hauls

Sylvia S says:

And now meat prices are going to rise. Not because there is a shortage but because many meat plants are closing due to workers testing positive for the virus.
In my city we already have limits to how much meat we can buy. First toilet paper now meat.
Anyway, I always enjoy your grocery hauls. I actually find it and your voice quite relaxing.
Thanks for sharing and I wish you a wonderful and very Happy Mother's Day.🌹

Y C Green says:

My groceries are costing more too just trying to get what I need at different places. over two hundred for ten and eleven days at a time. If I shop at Aldi I will only pay about 150.00 for the same amount of food for a family of five. I do worry about the social distancing and smaller aisles there. Hope you have a beautiful Mother's Day. ☺

lisssa-53171 says:

We don’t have a Food Lion, but we have Hannaford and I think it is the same company and they are expensive. In the state I live in it is really bad so I have had to have my groceries delivered so I am paying more then usual. I just hope this pandemic ends soon.

Becki Roberts says:

I love your hauls x

Annemarie Cruz says:

I’m in the same boat. I haven’t been able to get all the usual groceries I need from my “go-to” stores, so I’ve had to go wherever I can find them. I’m gonna keep trying my best to stick to my budget, but when push comes to shove, I’ll get what I can find. Thank you for sharing your haul 🙂

drearydancer says:

Horrible what this pandemic is doing to people. At least you can still get food.

Lisa Doyle says:

I've noticed my grocery costs are quite a bit higher since the pandemic started and I'm from Pennsylvania. Unfortunately I'm immune compromised so I have to rely on pick up or delivery☹

Starr Rivers says:

I like DG and FL. I’ve just started trying Clover Valley products and am surprised at how good they are. Also, our Food Lion is not as crowded as other stores and seems to be safer to be in at this time.I won’t go into crowded Walmart, but thank goodness we’re finally getting Walmart pickup.Thanks for the adult haul!

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