Food4Less Couponing for Groceries: FREEBIES (9/21-9/27/16)

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Xtreme Clippers I went into Food4Less to grab some vegetables and juice and ended up couponing! In this video I show you hot deals on items included in the Buy 4 Save $4.00 sale! Get FREE Carefree items with the $3.00 off 2 Printable coupon (print at

Thank you Maria O. for the Juicy Juice coupons!!!

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Ephraim Israel says:

that's right

Justforyou Love says:

foodforless is where its at!!! 👌

Monica Ortiz says:

I really enjoy your videos I'm a newbie to coupons since I'm a stay at home mom I try to save as much as I can. How many buy 4 can you use in one transaction? Do I need to break it up by 4's?

Downtown on 7th Avenue Handbag Adventures says:

You found some great deals🙌🙌

JulieinOregon33 says:

Thank you for this GREAT video! There are some good deals there I will try to get them today!

Janice D says:

i have so much to learn from u when i move to the states

Marina Howard says:

Hi Dara, first I wanted to say thank you for all the great videos… Im curious though as to where everyone is getting the quaker cereal coupons? I havent had one in an insert since ive started couponing…

Junior Vasquez says:

There's a $1/3 Kellogg's in the 8/28 RP. Also if you buy (3) cereals with the Moana movie on the box of the cereal, you can redeem your receipt to get $5 movie cash. Just did that deal recently with the Juicy Juice. I think I need to go back and stock up on free Maruchan Bowls and 6pk Top Ramens.

Mari Sanchez says:

Hi where can I find a coupon for the deodorant 😊😊

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