Foods You Can Freeze to Save Time and Money!

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You can save a considerable amount of money by buying or making foods in bulk and freezing them to use later! Here are a few of my favorite foods you can freeze to save yourself time and money.

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steve b says:

Milk jugs are NOT 100% FULL at purchase. FOR possible freezer expansion. A DENT in the side is NOT required!!!!!!! FREEZE them UNopened!!!! Thaw/consume within 3 months. Longer than that you lose taste.

Donna Staas says:

Well, visited your website but the 31 Foods You Can Freeze, is no where to be found.

BijouLover8 says:

How long can you freeze milk for or cream or heavy cream? Thanks….one year? 6 months?

Nigel Williams says:

Freezing pancakes is great. But please people, do not offend the pancake gods by microwaving them. Toaster.

Destinee Gradwell says:

When freezing sandwiches, just put the mayo on the inside with the deli meat or cheese touching the bread. so basically reverse/invert it.

tammy renault says:

Jillee, also you can make a buttermilk pie out of your leftovers and it taste just like a custard pie.

Paul says:

Can you feeeeeeel the script

Hudolinski says:

Hi Jillee,
was wondering if you can freeze mashed potato? Was thinking of making potato patties for later, but I'm not sure if they are freezable and should they be frozen before or after frying.
Freezer using newb

Vntg Vxn says:

I really enjoyed this video, when you grate the parm, don't toss the rind. When you make a sauce, soup or beans, toss it in the pot. It will give the dish wonderful flavor and richness.

Deeinkc says:

Great tips!

Caroline Honse says:

great ideas. Thank you so much!

margaret o leary says:

very good i have allwys frozen cartons of milk and bread loafs having big famy its a must cant afford to run out lol

Doris Pineda says:

Can you re-freeze the milk/buttermilk once you take it out to use a cup?

Mamma K says:

Nice tips! Thanks

xoGullysMumox says:

I think iv fallen in love with your videos hehe much live from a young family in the uk xxx keep it up

Empire Video Service says:

If you shop at Walmart, you need this.

saerasha says:

Freeze buttermilk in ice cube trays. Then you don't have to defrost as much for a small amount. It defrost faster that way too!

50hellkat2 says:

I squeeze lemon juice into a plastic container and freeze it.  Used to throw so many half lemons out that were left to rot in my crisper.

Renee Barry says:

Thank you. I just purcased Parmigano Regiono (sp???) and had it in the fridge. I noticed on the one I had open a tiny green spot. That scared me because I just bought it not too long ago and that stuff is not cheap. I threw the unopened one in the freezer (not knowing your info, just took a chance)  and now the already opened one im going to shred like you suggested and throw it in the freezer. Thank you!!!!

CH314 says:

Oh one question, on the sandwiches can you freeze Nutella? My daughter eats it on bread almost every day for her lunch.

CH314 says:

So cool, thanks for sharing!!

sharon Kenney says:

first time watching. watching you from Italy…  Great job.. Love this.. thank you for sharing

Melody Capehart Medina says:

Just love your ideas! Thanks for sharing.

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