Free $50 Facebook Ad Coupon & Your Credit Card Info

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Close – In this video I talk about using a $50 Facebook ad coupon. In order to redeem this coupon you need to enter your credit card or PayPal information. Once you have given your billing info to Facebook the only way to delete your credit card information is to delete your Facebook Ads Account and then delete your credit card info. Some of the lingo is a little misleading in my opinion. If you don’t want to get charged above and beyond the $50 gift make sure to set the lifetime budget of your ad campaign to $50. By default it is set to a daily amount and if your not careful you could rack up a big bill. Just giving you the heads up.

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Wyoming Oregon says:

Thanks for this. I was about to press submit UNTIL I seen this vid. Going to get a prepaid card now lol.

Yaoyao9 says:

I got an ad coupon, and set my budget to the perimeter. I ended the ad before it used up all of the budget, and yet I was still charged. Facebook ads is ludicrous.


Great video. I am disgusted with the way these corporations do business today. They are all sleaze bags. I set up a paypal account specifically to use the money from that account to pay for advertising. After choosing the paypal icon FB forces you to add you cc info. Smh. I don't want to put my personal information on Fb. Why isn't my paypal enough? Why can't they limit use depending what amount of money is in your paypal account.

I have used fb ads before and I can tell you it is a scam to get you to over spend. They have you charge up more and more money til you loose track of your spending and only charge you a small portion of the amount owed every couple of months. You have to be really careful that you don't lose track of your spending.

Theo Doro says:

Hi there! I just got my 50$ FB coupon from Wix for an ad on FB, is that mean that fb will want my credit card info anyway? Thanks for your opinion in advance. Doro

health&fitness says:

do u  mean i can use  the same cridte card   in advertising on facebook with coupons 

ChinMediaHD says:

Facebook is dodgy. after creating the ad i was automatically logged out and opened Facebook again and apparently it said i got hacked.

BigNate84 says:

Sorry to hear that Omar. Sounds frustrating. Glad you found this helpful. Thanks for watching. I'm currently running a giveaway in celebration of hitting 1,000,000 views. It's free to enter and you could win a $100 Amazon gift card. Head over to the giveaway tab on my website for more info.

Omar says says:

I set my budget correctly and FB took $65 from my card despite my time frame settings! I'm in the process now of completely leaving fb for good! Great video!

BigNate84 says:

Glad to have helped you out. I was in the same boat as you. Couldn't find anyone talking about it. I figured it would be a good video topic to cover.

abdo libyano says:

Thanks bro, I did have the same problem, I'v surfed all over the internet and found nobody talking in details about it like you, thanks again wish u luck . kind regards

BigNate84 says:

Nice profile pic! SPIDER!!! AHHHHH!!!

ZCNetwork says:

Very good video, actually they are very clever to steal your money
Use paypal as payment, enter your account info they will not deduct any money, they will create pre approved payments, so after allow facebook use your paypal, go to your accounts settings and remove facebook authorization so they could not deduct any money or information, paypal main source of funds but if the payment fail they will remove from your account or be, your free coupon 50,00 $ as budget limit regards !

BigNate84 says:

Glad to have helped you out.

Ash Lewis says:

tell you something, im glad i didnt pit my card details into the facebook thingy to adverstise my page more, thanks man, you saved my ass haha

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