Free burgers from McDonalds for life

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Get free burgers from McDonals any day any time of the week by simply downloading the app.


Mohammad Hamed says:

Does it work in Australia?

Mareeda Cobo says:

Does this work for people who want free McDonalds in Austria or Italy?

haytnas says:

It's still working in 2017.

shut up shannon! says:


My Buisness says:

Technically we can get into this guys account since he just shows us everything but I mean, this is a fake account

Amod Raj says:

bro u should take a screenshot of that code and then go back to menu and click again to your free meal so it will again generate new bar code and then again take a screen shot of that……trust me it works mail trust me it works

ItayDigital says:

free cancer for life

hunny dewmelon says:

It doesn't work for me

Kumar Nandan says:

will it work in india??

TheOfficialCoreySanipass says:

Do you have to make a new account every time you do it l

Annalice Dale says:

I am not getting the app

Zane Devoux says:

It worked Lol cool video

hey Do your homework says:

Only fat people like me here

K _girl101 says:

Haha! His phone is on 10 percent

bubba says:

or just be friends with somone that owns a mcdonalds

Becca Cate says:

Oh yay free burger.
5 mins later:
You gotta refresh 20 times, wait 30 mins, stand on your head, hold your breath and then do the hokey pokey.

Christopher Charleston says:

happy burgers lololol

Ninjatam says:

Disgusting finger nails btw

dlvmark says:

Did not work! Scam!

Jyn503 says:

Has It been patched?

Eve Page says:

'Family Locator' escoos me

Elaine Saphore says:

the app has changed. McDonald's fixed the hack

Harry Flaherty says:

I'm sorry but you are painfully slow at typing

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