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Do YOU price match?
Do YOU use coupons?
Do YOU get cash back with apps?
Do you combine it all for ultimate savings? Try it!! 🙂

This weeks details:
Cashmere: $2.88
Snap Peas: $1.99
Gerber Organics: .62 cents
Weetabix: FREE
Gerber Snacks: $1.33
Dempsters Bagels: $1.99
Good Start Formula: .48 cents
OKA: $2.97
Becel: $1.49
Triscuits: $1.88
Cheestrings: .88 cents
Armstrong snacks: $2.74
Armstrong bricks: $3.27
Vector: FREE
Mini Wheats: $1.13
Nourish: $1.00
Avocados: $1.88
Gala Apples: .78/lb
Grapes: $1.49/lb
Carrots 3lb: $1.04
Celery: .97
Cucumbers: .77
Peppers: $1.00
All Bran: $1.77
Chewy Bars: $1.13
Snack Packs: .99
Tia Rosa kits: .49
Orville Redenbacher: $1.50
Dove: $2.27

Reg Price of haul: $271.22
After PM & sales: $177.71
Used $56.75 in coupons
Spent $120.96 OOP
Will receive $34.35 in apps
Total amount spent : $86.61
*** SAVED $184.61 OR OVER 68% !!!

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Mrsemptynester says:

Awesome Haul. I loved it when your baby gave a cute squeal about the savings.xo

Leanna Leek says:

You should have more subscribers! Your videos are great and informative!

JoshAdams says:

Really enjoying the vids lately! Keep it up! I can see you are very passionate and love what you do! I'm totally into health and fitness too! I recently posted a full day of eating video, it'd be awesome if you could check it out and tell me what you think:)

Daniel Boghean says:

I love the grocery haul videos!

Taralynne Marshall says:

Great haul!:) how many kids do you have? That's a lot of cereal lol btw did you not get lots of free nourish from the fpc's? I got like 10 all-bran granola, 10 special k protein and 10 special k nourish all free 😀

Margaret Walmsley says:

The toilet paper packs aren't 24 rolls, only 12.

Lorna F says:

The crackers are $1.88 at Metro,as well. There is a coupon for free Quaker oatmeal,when you buy 2 participating products,eg. granola bars. That is a great shopping trip!!

MrsCottonCandy DarlingLife says:

Happy Friday !!! Thank you for sharing your great deals !!! Big Hugs =)

Adora Tsang says:

Did you unlock the "Fall Rewardables" on CO51? You can pick and choose the produce offers. I did see celery and avocados. You have to unlock it under the banner ad "Fall Rewardables".

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