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In this video I explain how I use McDonalds app to get Free Coffee, Free Sandwiches, and other FREE food and drinks at McDonald’s using their APP

Download McD app –

1) After you download app, you sign up / register with your email and contact info or with Facebook / Google+ account and you immediately have some great offers:

FREE Sandwich from Breakfast or Regular menu – u can get ANY sandwich for FREE – be it a Big Mac or Double Quarter Punder or whatever!

McCafe FREE coffee Card – Buy 5 coffees, get 1 FREE.

McCafe – Buy 1 get one free.

Breakfast sandwich buy 1 get one free!

No coupons no BS …

BEST PART – once you use your FREE sandwich (one without purchase) you can CLEAR data / cache on the app, and sign up again with different email, and GET MORE FREE STUFF!!!!


Joshua Fire says:

does the app charge you for using coupons

twitchster77 says:

This app has been amazing. Buy one get one Free extra value meals, free breakfast sandwiches or big macs when my local football team plays (with no purchase necessary)…buy one get one free happy meals…free drinks…etc. etc.
I know there's a lot of people who complain about this app…but dang, I've saved a ton of money with this app.
My favorite coupon they give me about once every 2 weeks…is buy a kid meal and get a medium extra value meal for free. I can get a hamburger kids meal for around $2.50…and then get an absolutely free double quarter ponder, medium fry and medium drink!

Chris p says:

Can you use more than one code when purchasing? Or just 1?

Chris p says:

Do they scan the QR code?

Caroline Cricket says:

not working with the newer apps. the best you will see is buy a sandwich get one free. if you install an older app from 2015, it wont work.

Lucas Ritzman says:

Wait never mind I see

Lucas Ritzman says:

Is that the pure xl?

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