FREE Products By Using Coupons, How To Do It

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Learn how to get products for FREE by using coupons. You can do it!


Amanda Fisher says:

do you have to pay tax? Also how can you organize your coupons and wait for sales when most of the coupons expire so soon?

COUSIN HENRY Baker says:

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Chante Moody says:

Hello, how do you overcome the fact that most coupons say you can only use one coupon at a time? Also, if you patiently save coupons how do you get enough of them to use at one before they expire. Please let me know, because I would like to do extreme couponing too. Thanks for posting the videos too. 🙂

Kathy Hu says:

Filmed on my birthday

daylanrayne says:

I get 10 for 10 at a lot of stores randomly without coupons, but I'm happy if I can get the product free.

ilovemkakeup173 says:

Wouldn't the coupon expire?

eyelashalot says:

hi how to get the same coupon that many times

X Tina says:

does the cashier ever give you a dirty look for using so many coupons? i went into taget once with about 10 coupons and she was so annoyed, LOL..i couldnt imagine using 70-something coupons but thats awesome!

Icyrails12 says:

I know you were saying if the sale is for $10 for 10 items, you don't really need to buy all 10 to get each for a buck, but what i have noticed is, if you just buy 1, you pay like $1.29 or whatever an individual one would regularly cost. I haven't tried it for a few years, has that changed then?

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