Free sample freebies/coupon haul and prize mail November 2013- January 2014

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Thank you so much for watching! I received all of these for free in the mail as samples or prize drawings, or reviews for free.
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Crystal Black says:

That's a lot.. And only 2 months you said?

Hayley Trinkle says:

Did someone already take that magazine???

Fréndixa Asmae says:

oh my good !! this is a loooot

Shirley Moody says:

for being  genious i buy this stuff oils omg oooo x

Sharon Nernberg says:

Please send me free samples!!

Homestead In New Hampshire says:

how did you get the neuro drinks? I looked on there website they don't give samples

Stephanie Salas says:

so this fb page is just for my sample subscriptions and coupons, and im really trying to get people to add me so I can start sharing all my freebies or how to get them and to get some points up on other pages, To BFLYRENEE , if you would like me to remove my comment please let me know 🙂 thank to the people who add me , I just made this profile so I don't have friends yet !!!!:)

ItzYoGurl Vee says:

Any samples you don't need or want I would love to try. I live in New Zealand so I would love to try American products. Also I'm a coffee drinker. 😄

Simply 4Free says:

Awesome collection!  I get all tons of free stuff from

buddernosquids says:

Can I have the Australian cookbook please?

Quan Mack says:

is there like a list or something where I can click to go directly to the free samples not just ads

Starlyn Morel says:

I want the pillow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kiremaaikens 2 Aikens says:

i need to get freebies for my family help 

Ashley Spohn says:

Love your videos I was wondering the first thing you showed on the video how do you spell it i want to try getting it also (: thanks in advance.

Sydney Dirkx says:

How did you get the Mary Kay stuff and i love free stuff

12109babygurl says:

hhhow do u get theses free stuff

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