Gambling and WINNING in LAS VEGAS

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I only gamble if I have the edge and there’s a really fun way to gain that edge… With a coupon run! Run around Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas with me as I make several +EV bets! It’s fun!

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zofoblues says:

if he was smart he would have kept on walking


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mason freeman says:

coupon crusader lmao!!!!

Armida Zepeda says:

the jawless wonder,,,,,,,,,said by mike c



CanadianIce99 says:

My favorite!!

yuvraaj singh says:

Whats the name of the beat played around 50 sec? I love that

Raymond Camacho says:

I really enjoyed watching your video!

Jonathan 520 says:

I'm really embarrassed for this guy . He should've labeled the video "how to completely fuck your comps in Vegas"

Al Blake says:

u know u like the smell of that weed lol

Flaming7 says:

Friеnds I fооund а fоrmulа tо win а lottеrу ааll уоu friends shоuld trу it……//////?
Go hеrе ==>

Tony DeTuna says:

Dude, YOU are E-Begging for money. ..Don't you realize you can't win?
Move AWAY from there.

Michael Fink says:

Love the vlog Trooper. Very entertaining

Fran Villano says:

hey I like your commets and advice thanks!

AuntieMoMo05 says:

Very cool video – well produced. What video editing software are you using?

Parker Says Play Casino and Slot Channel says:

how much freeplay do they give out in vegas. great vid mate

Ivan Karev says:

that one was very funny, Trooper 🙂

Richard Gardner says:

I bet 20 he didn't win a 1000 dollars.

Boeingemployee1989 says:

Las Vegas is a garbage city all because people end up losing everything and those vegas people don't even care who loses and only care about making money out of losers that gambled. I hope Trump the new president help me get my revenge against Vegas by either launch lawsuits against those money obsessed Vegas people that don't care for losers or at least get everyone to resist gambling

oilers2k7 says:

Love your videos keep it up

Theresa Wagner says:

Great video

Super Dave says:

yo man. you kind of remind me of danny mcbride. eastbound & down.

breakit46 says:

This is well addictive viewing, hope you make some cash from YT. Thanks.

Schubeedoobee says:

Not one single play in that video had a positive expectation T… if you're play GTO the best your expectation is is CLOSE to break even at those games. None of the plays or games have positive expections.

Man InBlack says:

further proof that women are just big babies. all they want is fucking attention. watch when the guy ignores her she throws herself on the ground and throws the tantrum.

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