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This power up pro card at gamestop use this code 3876120475215 to get $20 off anything in the store ever time u go this is no BS. Works in the store and Online at This is NO SCAM. Have Fun


Moe Love says:

It's really does work

Brent Lilley says:

@justconnections if we wanted microsoft points, which is $20, is that free since we get the $20 dollars off?

ValterJarborgBrenner says:

does it work in all countrys or just in the us?

MrGeekStreet says:

nice recording with your iphone

cohesivelite says:

limited edition

26PLJ says:

@ThumbsAreUp it workkkkksssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Just Bought A Free 360 Controllllerrr

narutolee1318 says:

thumbs up for having a cool phone

Johnny Duvall says:

Works like a champ. Thanks

Esurienti Mater says:

@justconnections Does it still work? Do I just give the code to the guy?

TitanSubZero15 says:

@justconnections Hey dude is it $20 off or 20% off?

Devon Wheeler says:

deos this stiil work

jacob crawford says:

so what exactly do i do?i want to go get the new battlefield but want the 20 off

Nunya Bizznuss says:

u got a new sub like and fav! hopes this works for mw3 hardened

Garrett MacDonagh says:

You sound like snoopdogg LOL

titoking88 says:

where do you put it??

AstorThePsycho says:

Awesome video so do I tell them the description code and pin

z3rok0ol21 says:

Your awesome, it worked.. Thankyou

frankthetank789 says:

im amazed this doesnt have more views. SUBSCRIBE

Vova Beynya says:

ur the best
thanks man

Mario Smith says:

thumbs up if this guy talks funny lol

Barry Galer says:

@TheKikocacheton both

Barry Galer says:

@justconnections so you just put give them the number the top

Henri Steel says:

whats the promotional code please help me !!!!

Steven says:

@justconnections what is the pin for? is it an area code or something?

coolunusual says:

Dude Your awesome!

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