Gamestop Is Removing OnLive Coupon From New Copies of Deus Ex on PC

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Yes…they are literally telling their employees to take them out….what….the….fuck?

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Kevin W. Clark says:

Yeah the reasoning is that they were probably going to try and sell the coupons separate

Lord Fuzzle says:

yea just fuck you am to tired to rant…

sleepybird09 says:

Tf pple actually buy new games from Gamestop? Its usually cheaper and no lines at wallmart target and bestbuy.

DrearierSpider1 says:

Gamestop's defense was that OnLive was direct competition to its Impulse digital distribution service. So by that logic, publishers should be able to go into any store and remove the used games discs from the boxes. Fucking assholes!

Firestar9889 says:

Amizon all the way. Don't care if I have to wait a week.

Cyberus Morphous says:

"our desire is for customers NOT to have the code" what assfucks

trolly trollusum says:

gamestop opens all games new or otherwise always have but removin shit is even worse its bullshit fuk gamecrooks

DigestingGummyBears says:

Capslock is cruise control for cool…..not really

Nicholas Lovan says:

I buy from gamestop, but i only buy 2 used games and walk out, I do not even TRY to fuck with anything new. Because it's not new.

Marie Clinton says:

bestbuy ☑ | gamestop ☒

CamoAssassin00 says:

1000 possibly

Varga Wasperine says:

I have a friend that works for Gamestop, and was there the day that email was sent through to remove the codes.
After asking a couple questions, he came to the conclusion that Gamestop might not have actually had the rights to distribute said code and had to remove them to prevent maybe a lawsuit.
"A customer problem would be easier to deal with than a company problem."

On the side of the Nintendo codes, apparently a lot of employees don't even know they exist, or just ignore them.

furydeath says:

Wish i had gotten one at gamestop so i could have been like

*looks as unwraped game*

Ummm i wanted a new game.

iris7eye says:

…settle down there champ…

Maggot4680 says:


CamoAssassin00 says:

it can only be classed as used if the disc is used because if the case is opened the disc doesnt get used. the only thing you miss out on is taking off sellophane.

doombybbr says:

gamestop could be sued for maybe 30 cases or even 100 cases…..

doombybbr says:

if OnLive ISN'T owned by gamestop, then their best option is to ADD coupons instead of taking them out, as they would mess with OnLive's profits…

wRongPaulSucks As says:

Google "Collins v. GameStop"

wRongPaulSucks As says:

@tHeWasTeDYouTh Google Collins v. GameStop.

tHeWasTeDYouTh says:

GAMESTOP bought a ton of stock from another cloud gaming company so they wanted to fuck ONLIVE

I do not know why the fuck Gamestop has not gotten sued to fucking death



Regnier575 says:

Like… what actual fuck?… Don't games tend to say on the case of what contents you would be getting?… whoever runs gamestop MUST be blind or mentally retarded.


Their response to this "Take it up with SE, they messed up the contract" More or less they are saying that SE wasn't supposed to include the promotional code. Whether or not that's true, they still are stealing from the customer simply because the promotional code is from a 3rd party company they didnt have a contract with. This is STILL theft because they are tampering with merchandise and selling it with false advertisement. You can't open merch and then put it up as new.

EpicMorgana32 says:

where do i find on live promo codes

StayinOnePiece says:

This one's a keeper. Still gotta say, I hate being lied to, especial right to my face. The guy at the counter was avoiding looking at me while putting the disk in the case (like: if I can't see him, he can't see me).

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