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I didn’t believe it until today. (Doug and Jon, this has your name all over it)

Today I received FREE photo prints using the “Free Prints” app. Yup. That’s right. There is no catch.

You can get 85 free prints deviled to your door each month. Just pay shipping. Mine was free on the review order that you see in this video.

Use code rhamm13 and increase your free prints each month AND free upgrades. I am not sponsored by these guys. EVERYONE gets a promo code. The purpose it to encourage users to share the app. SO why not use my code when you order and then share your code with your friends and family. This way we can all benefit!

There is also a Photo Book app by the same people. I already ordered my first FREE photo album. I can’t wait for it to come in and to do a video for you guys.



Kim SuccJin says:

I just started and it was free but not shipping….

Jenny XO says:

So the first 10 prints are free? Including shipping?

Josiane Koenig says:

Thanks very much… explanation was clear and easy to follow

Kaify Habib says:

I've already used my free prints can I get more

Alexis Thomas says:

did you resive your prints by the date they said it was going to arive by?

Afshan Asma says:

But is free for packing and send?

Brittney c says:

they wanted me to pay $8 for shipping for 75 prints

HowToBake It says:

It didn't work😢😢😢😭😭😭

Dejan Radulovic says:

Do they ship in Europe?

Douglas Drumond says:

How do they make money?

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