Giant Food Shopping– $66.57 in savings!

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These deals were at Giant Foods in Fairfax County, Virginia. There MIGHT be similar deals in associated Giant stores in other places. They will be good through Thursday, May 18, 2017.

Final tally with sales and coupons :

Arnold Bread: I bought 2 at BOGO and had 2 coupons for .55 each which both doubled.
Sargento cheese snack: I bought 1 at 3.00 and had a 1.00 off coupon
Nellie’s free range eggs: I bought 1 at 2.50 had 1.00 a load to card discount and a 1.00 off coupon
Green Giant frozen veggies: I bought 2 at 1.50 each and had a 1.00 when you bought 2 coupon
Haagen-Dazs ice cream: I bought 1 at 3.00 and used a 2.00 off coupon
Tide Simply Pure detergent: I bought 3 at 1.99 each, with a load to card discount of 1.00 when you buy 2.
Bertolli olive oi: I l bought 1 at 3.74 and had a coupon for .60 that didn’t double. (See mistakes below)
Lysol wipes: I bought 1 at 1.99 and had a .50 coupon that doubled.
Crystal light water flavoring: I bought 2 at 2.00 each and had a 1.00 off when you buy 2 coupon
M&M’s bags: I bought 1 at 3.00 and 1 at 3.50. I used a 1.50 when you buy 2 coupon when it turned out my BOGO coupon was expired. (See mistakes below)
Rachel Ray cat food: I bought 1 at 9.99 and had both a 2.00 load to card discount and a 4.00 off coupon
Minute Rice ready to serve cups: I bought 4 at 1.67 each and had a .50 doubling coupon for each one
Deer park water 24 pack: I bought 1 at 3.99 and had a 1.00 coupon
Tom’s of Maine toothpaste: I bought 1 at 3.50 and used both a load to card discount for 1.00 and a 1.50 off coupon
Hormel sandwich lunch meat: I bought 1 for 3.50, and had a load to card discount for .50 and a .50 coupon that doubled
I also bought in produce (because I needed them andyway) a 5lb bag of white potatoes on sale for 2.99 and a 1lb bag of carrots on sale for 1.25

After sales and coupons, I also got 3.00 from apps rebates, all from Ibotta. 2.00 of it was for the “May Boost bonus” which you got if you redeemed any rebate.
I didn’t notice the Bertolli .60 coupon didn’t double until I checked the receipt at home. I will be double-checking the Giant coupon policy to see if it has changed.
The M&M’s were my fail. I thought I had a BOGO coupon, but I forgot today’s date and let it expire. At the register, I found another coupon in my binder for 1.50 off 2 bags, so I saved 1.50 instead of 3.00. A little disappointed.
My final total was:
Total before savings 103.65
Total after savings 40.08
Apps rebates 3.00
After all 37.08
Savings 66.57 or about 64%
And, I now have over 500 gas points, which is .50 off every gallon. I will try to be on fumes the next time I gas up to take full advantage. That probably won’t be hard since I tend to forget to get gas until I’m under a fourth of a tank.

The way I drive, that shouldn’t be a problem, I usually do that anyway.

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Lurker Smurf says:

Nice job! My coupon coup today was sausages. Normally $1.99 each, they were on sale for $1.25. Then I had a $1 off coupon, so it was 25¢. One loaded to card, one in hand, I got two packages for 50¢. I also had various freebies from the Monopoly game that just ended, so tonight's pasta dinner is costing about $1.50 for four servings.

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