Goat promo code/discount code they messed up and gave everyone $150 dollars off 2020 😳

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Goat messed up I think


Raul Acosta says:

What is the code?

Gabriel Mann says:

Bro i got $10

Tamara Ogbu says:

I complained and they gave me
$20 credit. I complained about the fact that I wouldn’t get my refund in time to use the coupon and they refunded me AND started the process of sending the shoes, free without charge!!!

Isaiah Schmitz says:

Cancelled mine too I’m complained and they gave me $20 in credit but wouldn’t honor the deal.

K says:

They cancelled my orderπŸ’€ and refunded me

hailey tejada says:

bro im so mad i tried to get it and it said invalid

bdoperocks says:

I can’t believe I lucked out. Is this confirmed I got ceramic dunks for 130

Gl1tch says:

They fixed it

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