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The Golden Corral Buffet has recently reopened and are trying to find new ways to serve food after lockdown and quarantine. Many buffets are already going out of business, leaving many people wondering if buffets will ever be able to make a comeback.

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Michael Lopez says:

Wow I stopped the video half way to try to get some sleep but woke up had to see if they got the steak or not

Nec Big Dog Ozzi says:

I was treated like crap by the staff i will never go back.

Mason Ventura says:

Looks like Delran NJ

Caleb says:

I love the kahoot music
Edit: and the Naruto music

watchkev says:

Damnnnn you girls can really throw down! How the hell y'all fit all that food into your small bodies 🤔😅
The "bathroom break" probably was a good relief 😆😂😂

Matthew Cox says:

Golden Corral is way better than I thought. I wish I had one in my area. I do have a Chuck a Rama buffet. I wish I had a Golden Corral in my area because it provides a better selection of food. And yeah, I think Golden Corral buffet is worth the time.

punchmyfaceman says:

I randomly found this channel when I searched "Golden Corral kicked out". I'm subscribing. Please keep making more video.

Heidi Zoe*y Novak says:

So I worked at golden corral duting the covid times. Im not saying that this place where you guys ate was like this but at 8696 brookpark rd brooklyn ohio. We didnt disenfect as much as we shouldve. It wasnt enforced enough. And it was such a stuggle for every employee there. Mostly the kitchen people to keep everyone following the guidelines. Nobody seemed to care to read the signs and go the wrong way. Not only that but the owner also was very mean to employees and customers. So long story short i didnt stay. I even walked 2 hours everyday and my one manager (which is everyones favorite manager which everyone including customers wish he was the owner) would drive me home and sometimes came and picked me up. Which saved me so much time and energy. But then the owner had a problem with it for whatever readon and threaten to fire him if he continued to drive me. Eventually we did it in secret and it worked for a while till someone opened their mouth to the owner and pretty much was mean to the manager and the manager didnt give in. He yelled right back at him. And made a scene in front of customers. And of course the customers sided with the manager. Thats when the owner decided to yell at me too and disrespect me at least once a month if not more. It was also my first job i got to say i loved my job more during the non covid times then when it was covid…. The owner was much nicer during the non covid time.

SonicBoomC98 says:

I just wanted to see if the rolls were still good LOL

vkhiev says:

Wish I can eat this much 😆

William Vegas says:

this is a great video, really nice work.

wally chambe says:

Maybe that is why the steak tasted like hand sanitizer!!!!!! It was great before Covid now it is nasty!

Alyssa Rasmussen says:

"Some mashed potaties"


robert mandeville says:

Very good, first time we have watched you, nice to see other places to eat than just Disney, so much fun to watch you both, we should be there now and the golden CORAL we love. Thank you and keep them coming but stay safe. Xx

Gumpy Flyale says:

Say no to the nonsense go stimulate the economy

La Nguyên B Tòng says:

Each of you eats more than me.

Mariesa K says:

I might have to slide by lol

Boris Balkan says:

I love watching you both taste the same piece of meat mmmm……

Alexander Christofi says:

its sucks that there are none here in weho

Angelina Genus says:

Did they really opened or u just lying if u lying I'm gonna throw my phone if u not then I'm telling my mom we can go every Saturday:)

Rose Lyn says:

Nice sound effect & visual effect.

Hoe seph says:

You should make your channel not for kids :DD So that we can use the notification bell! :DDD

Marky "Vikki" says:

Which location is this?

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