Golden Corral Restaurant Video

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This is our first time visiting a Golden Corral restaurant in USA. Hope you guys enjoy.


RhondaRone says:

I enjoy golden corral too but dont go that much. One thing i dont like at any buffet is when the plates are still wet stacked up. I know that means they just came out of dishwasher but its a turn off to me. I have to get napkins to wipe off before using. Yes the food os usually very good there

marlie501 says:

Thank you very much for sharing your vacation trip, I just love when you show your foods that you ordered. 

Carly Simmons says:

Glad you liked your first visit to Golden Corral for the most part…wow…I have not been to one in a long time…the price per person sure has gone up since then!  Thanks for "taking" your viewers on holiday with you!

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