Grocery Haul #21 – Publix BOGO

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Very quick and tiny grocery haul from Publix. The BOGO items that I purchased.


Brian Berkes says:

The food you are buying and eating is very unhealthy…. cheap carbs… loaded with sodium… if you don't already have diabetes you will soon…

Dreaming of RVing says:

Hey, Tracy!!! First off, using the corkscrew noodles worked way better than the egg noodles in the Mac and cheese. Lesson learned! My mom, who I take care of absolutely loved them!! So thanks for that recipe! Second thing, I think I'm going to try this meatball and hamburger helper tonight. I've never been much of a cook til I had to start taking care of mom. My menu is getting longer and longer thanks to you. And lastly, is there a grocery haul video you put out on June 2 by the same name and number? Or is my phone acting up again? As always, thanks for the recipes!

DWDinAtlanta says:

I don't know how you keep track of the sales. I guess it would be helpful if I got a sales ad, but we don't get them here. I don't have a lot of time to shop, so I run in and grab what I need, I don't look for what's on sale. I don't usually shop the aisles, just the outside aisles of the store, except for pickles, salad dressing, freezer aisles and bread.

cinnamongirl622 says:

I remember your Gorton's coupon,Tracey! I love BOGO sales,and that's a nice haul for around $20. 🙂
Your tuna recipe was a big hit with my family…I followed it exactly and we all loved it.
Is the a/c fixed yet? I hope so!

Erin Haubert says:

Loved the haul! Loved your nail color as well!!!!

Chelle Parks says:

I shouldn't have watched this before I went to the store. I had to get us some Gordon's LOL they were on sale but not B1G1F 🙁

bamamubs says:

<3 HH Cheeseburger mac!

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