Harbor Freight Coupons September 2022 Instant Savings Coupons

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Harbor Freight Coupons September 2022 Instant Savings Deals. We have over 70 tool deals on Instant Savings coupons this week and this tool deal sale runs through October 13th. In this video we’ll Talk Tools and look at what coupons are good and which ones to stay away from! We have hydraulic jack, torque wrench, air compressor, obd2 scanner, harbor freight paint sprayer, and a whole lot of tool deals on sale. I will also give you details about other Harbor Freight sales going on at the same time so you can save big using other coupons available during this sale. What does Harbor Freight have on Instant Savings Sale for this month? Some items in this flyer have 20% discount, 25% discount and even 50% discount. If you have been looking for a 20% off Coupon and 25% Off Coupon we will probably get more of those very soon so if you are subscribed to my channel you’ll get the notification. If you’re not subscribed then you’ll miss out!

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Mark Lake says:

I don't like higher prices either, everything is going up, been to the grocery store lately?

James Kennedy says:

Thanks for doing this video, like you said not much bargains. I have a Kobalt rolling tool bag, same size that was brand new, my wife bought at a garage sale for $5.00 six years ago. It’s handier than a pocket on a shirt. Have yourself a great day today, God Bless & keep’m coming, have a great weekend

John Pierce says:

I just want to tell you about my experience with this electric paint spray gun 27.99 do not waste your time buying it it’s is junk I built a wooden privacy fence and I need to stain it I bought one I started use it and it started OK then it started messing up So I called and they said bring it back and we will replace it I bought the extended warranty thanking I was gonna have it for years using it on small projects drove back to the store 40 minutes to get another one and another 40 minutes back home get it out of the package something told me just to put water in it to see if it works And it did not work properly just using water so another 40 minutes back to the store I just wanted to get my money back and guess what I got part of the money back but not the warranty money they said they had a restocking fee my question how do you restock a defective product to resell it to another buyer. So buyer beware if you want to save time and money spent your money on quality tools My time is valuable and I don’t like wasted money on gas going back-and-forth so I give this product 👎👎👎👎👎 lesson learned so not everything is a good deal at Harbor freight

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