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Disney Dame says:

Can you still your coupon after it expired??

Curtis Owens says:

Waste of time.

Monica Williams says:

love your tips and I will be following for more info.

Crafty Moms'R'us MommyUnfiltered says:

you didnt answer the question

SARITA Watson says:

I live in Tallahassee fl and the democrat newspaper doesn't recycle theirs you have to purchase them for $2.75 which sucks I have the Sunday subscription so I'm already paying ummmmmmmmm no thanks ….

Stephanie oconnor says:

this video is useless. why bother?

Sagar Patel says:

how can i get spanish paper>?

Aset Kemet says:

can I use the weekly ads the mail man delivers twice a week ? I live around tons of apts and I could go get all of those ? or only the ones from the news papers ads?

Foster Leach says:

really didn't explain anything.

Megan Demaree says:

do u have a facebook page or anything?

Emu Boss says:

I have found a Chrome Extension which will allow the Users to install this free browser extension (for Chrome users only) that will help them find coupons & earn cash back at over 1,400 stores online! User simply use this coupon app to save and they will earn a cash back reward in their Piggy Bank. Here is the link for more detail

Stab_Agar says:

Here's a great way to get coupons plus earn a couple bucks passively.  Enjoy!  (Be sure to use my link so I can get referral points, Thanks!)

Jermaine Hooks says:

How many coupons can use for a store

Bridgette Mauldin says:

Doc gams

Jelisa Brown says:

need help couponing..can someone help me

Vanessa Alvarado says:

I called my local Recycling Center in West Allis, she said we are not allowed to go through the newspapers, its against their regulations. they will be taking them to the dump… 🙁 Throwing away money is how I look at it 🙁

Mr. Ant-Tony says:

can you help me coupon i want to do this

tina evans says:

If you can teach me how to do extreme couponing please hit me up

Simone Crippen says:

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Scampergirl says:

Don't stores dump their old newspapers behind the store for collection?  Maybe you could check behind the stores in the recycling containers. 

Jona Ruiz says:

I'm 17 years old and I want to coupon;)


Can u help me couponing

Lisa Yoggerst says:

Thank you! I am going to call our local recycling company and see if they have inserts. I was thinking of asking my neighbors, but some of them donate to other friends that coupon!

SuperGirl1970 Carver says:

in our neighborhood we get the Spanish papers for free

Aisha M says:

Yeah our papers are $2 each now 🙁 but Dollar Tree sells them for $1 and you can price match at Walmart!

queenie_the_virgo says:

Texas has the same price $5 for double and $3 for single

debra's learning to live frugal canham says:

My paper is $2.50 now and we dont get the red plum inserts in my aera and our local recycleing area wont same me the insert i did ask tryed buy the inserts from the paper guy and he said no he couldnt do that. my aera sucks . you are so lucky. thanks for the video.

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