HOT coupon — $3 Tide PODS PRINTABLES!!!

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Hey guys, PRINT and CLIP ASAP!!!! Have an awesome Sunday 🙂


Shelli Bass says:

Thanks for the heads up on these great coupons.

stephanie zahner says:

I have tried for days to log on and print from P&G And have not been able to. Do u ever have any trouble? Also do u know can u print from your phone?

Jaime Castillo says:

can you tell what website you found the tides coupons thanks you

Cordelia0704 says:

NLA already

jerimy clonch says:

just a reminder ,, today's pantene and head and shoulders totals should get everyone close to get $15.00 rebate back from P&G.

Caitie Regan says:

My region got the tide coupons I'm so happy because I don't have a computer anymore 😭😭😭

Bobbie loves to coupon says:

I got them last night the tide however, can't believe you can only get one per computer? Thanks4sharing! Schick razors are back too !!!! Buy the way!

Ana v says:

Thumbs up!! TFS

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