*HOT* New Printable Coupons!– 6/7/20

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Direct link to these NEW printable coupons: http://bcg.coupons.com/link/index/1461190001/14083


Serena Ramsey says:

One question, what is a KCB coupon. Just started following your videos and wasn't sure

Ree says:

K O Pek Tate, ( Kaopectate) only way I know this is because I saw a commercial for it, lol, thanks again Nick for your vids

minerva tapia says:

I have a question does Kroger’s have the 1 off on 5 qualified items all year round?

Marsha Araiza says:

Genius, thanks a bunch! 😁

XOCHIL G says:


Michele Ross says:

Thank you for all your hard work!

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