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these printable coupon just became available today & will make for some great deals!

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Kim Ellis says:

So r u saying u can't buy a printer & use your phone?

Lisa says:

Yes, I am also running into printing issues with It requires me to put in my cell phone number, then sends me via text message a code that I have to type in on the site to verify and proceed to print, then I run into a situation where it lets me print once, I go back to print a second time doing the whole procedure over as to not duplicate anything and it states limit reached on the coupons I am trying to print a second time. I am also having issues with the review and save tab @ I did 3 reviews honestly on products I bought and tried and received 3 separate $1 ECB, printed out however, when I tried to use them the register beeped that they were duplicates, though they weren't, so cashier tried to use 1 $1 ECB and it still beeped saying it didn't match my CVS card. Ugh… Needless to say I called corporate they could not find the 3 issued $1 ECB or the reviews I had done, but honored me anyway with a $3 ECB sent to my card. Anyone else having this same issue???

Monique Payne says:

If you have % off coupon there could be a deal with cvs.

maritza cortes says:

thank you 😆😆

Jeanette Bradt says:

there is a printable for the Pods for the Arm and hammer

Jeanette Bradt says:

got them thank you Friend

sass clenaghen says:

Thank you, I will run and print,,,,,

Nonnie DeterminedToCoupon says:

I don't understand what's going on with printing coupons. I was told we could print 2 coupons per device but it's as if my 2 laptops and desktop are linked. Once I print out ONE coupon from any of them, depending on the item, my other devices will state 'reached limit'. I was able to print ONE from my iPad and iPhone but now it's having me email it to 'print from a computer' most of the time. I'm trying to figure out what the heck logic there is to these restrictions. It's as if my phone # is linked to my IP address at this point and if I've printed a coupon from ANY laptop or desktop it won't let me print from my Apple devices. I thought I was going 'crazy'… when I went to print out from my desktop or other laptop and it stated I had reached my limit when I hadn't even printed from them yet! WTH?!? I'm trying to figure out how to at least print out more then one coupon. I'll start paying more attention to see what happens when I print my first coupon from which device first, if that makes a difference. Totally frustrating. I had to use my husband's iPhone and/or iPad to get a 2nd print but then IT started requesting it to be emailed also. Are they limiting per IP AND phone numbers now?

Donna Smalley says:

tyfs luv.. have a great day

Jess Elizondo says:

TFS have a great week. Blessings.👍👍👍👍👍👌

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