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LET’S SAVE MONEY!!! Rock on. -Yours Truly
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Money Saving Apps: (depending on where you live, they may work or not!)

Checkout 51
Retail Me Not
Grocery iQ


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Camera: Canon Rebel T3i
Lens: Sigma 1.4 mm
Editing Software: Final Cut Pro X
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FTC Disclaimer: All things in this video are my legit opinions. I am not getting paid for this video.


Itss Ricaa says:

This video was very helpful 🙌🏾 New subby ☺️


Starts at 3:00

_.its.ang._ says:

Actual money saving part starts at: 2:35

Zoe Mehmmet says:

i really love your hair, how did you grow it from a pixie to this in like a year?
i have a pixie right now and believe me it's been a year and it's not growing <3

aliya lindsay says:

Shoppers is the only store you'll ever need for makeup 😂

Brooke Braswell says:

Yes I found it!! Is this video unlisted or something?? Nonetheless, I FOUND IT! 💜💜

Tawny Tuppence says:

I think it's awesome to be a couponing ninja, but if everyone did this, it seems like businesses would fail. In that way, only a few people can get away with it. It also seems kind of dishonest to stack so many discounts. What are your thoughts on this?

Amanda G says:

What about places like Sephora where they rarely have sales and don't have very good coupons?

Amberly Parson says:

Im loving the hairstyle, hair cut, and makeup ❤❤❤❤😍😍😍😍

Cristina AM says:

I know the video is not about it, but I have to say it lol you are soooooo cute!!! <3

MsJdub99 says:

Some stores price-match to another store if you bring the competitor's flyer or a photo. With flyers avail online now, it's easier. Flipp is a great app.

Emma Rose says:

I love your videos!

Ana Marques says:

Hi Sarah! Can you please make a video explaining how to get this hairstyle?

Thank you so much! 😀

Kat O'Neill says:

The only thing I would say is as a cashier I often see customers get their coupons rejected because they didn't read the fine print, (ex: $2 off any TWO whatever product), so always read the fine print and make sure you're coupons aren't expired.

Santiagogirl says:

Love your hair! You are so cute. Thanks for the tips. I coupon too!

tubularyou007 says:

Not sure if available for Canada but the app Ibotta is exactly like checkout51 and you can get double the cash back by using both!

Lorraine Joseph says:

When I want some raisors for my hubby I have a webshop where you get points and your only pay shipping price. And I use coupons from another shop I use that too. Or a kind of saving programm with point stemps. You pay the stemps but after you get the Money back with an extra euro. And then I go from that money buying something I need.

jessica escalante says:


Jessica Murphy-Fraser says:

I just want to say how happy I am that your Canadian because for someone like me who also is Canadian it's nice not having to pay for stuff from different countries which may cost a lot more then if I could just walk down the street an buy things that I know work just as well an are close by in my local area!

xXRhythmOfLightXx says:

Nice tipps.
What I love about a german drugstore (I'm from Germany) called Rossmann, they have every week to two weeks sale on make up-brands or on make up groups like eye products, face produkts and so on. When I need something specifical for exemple my fondation which is from Max's Factor (should be Cover Girl in other countries) I try to wait until there is 20% on the whole brand or 30% on face products. But really wish for couponing like America/Canada here in Germany as well. Especaliy in drugstores.

Rhianna Zammit says:

Sarah! Are you still using the Hairburst? I'm growing out my hair and would love to know if they work Xx

Tanya Howse says:

I wish I could do this in the UK. I don't know of any of those kinds of apps over here and coupons aren't a big thing. Even when you do have coupons, you can't use them together or on items that are already on sale haha

BabuForTheFriends says:

Sadly this only works in the us. In italy you can't use more that one coupon on a product and if it is on sale you can't use any coupon at all. This way they make sure that no one can save as much as you can do in america :/

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