How I Save Thousands on New Baby Costs: Diapers, Formula, Gear, Coupons

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Most parents say they spend about $10,000 on baby’s first year. It’s no surprise then, that one of the top questions we get is ‘how do I save on baby costs’? This video compiles our top ten tips that will teach you exactly what steps to take to save thousands. We’re not talking about second-hand shopping or depriving yourself of the quality items you want for your baby. We’re giving you real ways to save on diapers, gear, apparel, carseats and baby food! Learn where to find baby coupons. See where we recommend you shop for baby. Download our favorite savings apps. Set up a baby registry even if you aren’t have a baby shower. Cut costs over and over again with these tried-and-true tips.


K. Barone says:

I text BABY4 and it didn't work

girl504816 says:

i text Baby4 to the # and and got a response that "we dont recognize baby4"

Brianna Carper says:

I love thekrazycouponlady website!! I found the cheapest I've been able to get diapers is at RITEAID! Thanks to their plenti points program promotions I'm getting anywhere from 60% to 90% off on my diapers! I haven't spent more than 13 cents per diaper so far☺️

liz says:

i don't even have a baby…i don't know what I'm doing here but imma still watch it

Lama Bedri says:

A bottle sterilizer is a necessity for me because my baby, who is bottle fed, kept getting thrush. A sterilizer helped us beat thrush.

jana humblesinger says:

do they have certain day dat has sale for babies items?

priety heera says:

Is it applicable in India?

Emilie Mckinley says:

no babies anytime soon here but from what I kno Babies R Us normally has good registry discounts as well

DWZA says:

No way I could "mom" without Target. Great ideas. Thanks!

MyNmeIsMissy says:

Not sure I much agree with the items to skip you listed. We used a wipes warmer, a diaper genie, a boppy, a bassinet, and a bathtub. The bassinet was what our baby slept in next to our bed for months, I consider that an essential! We used a baby tub until he was big enough for a normal tub. My son is 3 and we still use the wipes warmer and diaper genie (he always winces every time we have to use cold wipes). And I considered a boppy (or a similar concept) an essential for breastfeeding!

Ellena Navarro says:

Walmart beats both Target and Amazon prices on diapers.

Jessica Cervantes says:

I finished this video without babies at home ( we are planning) since two months ago we had our miscarriage. Totally worth it awesome tips and also nice bundles for baby shower gifts 😉

Ellen V.S. says:

Cloth diapers are so affordable, and then you don't need to mess with all these coupon games! Plus they are better for baby's skin and the environment 😀

heather0585 says:

No babies, but my sister is pregnant.

Ashleigh Ray says:

plan on using clothe diapers

mibaba2011 says:

Great info but I don't think your website – The Krazy Coupon Lady is working. You will get a blank page if click any link.

Jessica says:

Good advice, but not much for moms living outside the US. 🙁 Oh well.

Britt's Little Bunch says:

i used my boppy up to 18 months!!

Taiana Arruda says:

Good morning, can you please jus clarify how do i register my baby in order to get the 15% discount?

pebbles8482 says:

I'm watching this and my son is 2. I never knew target price matched🙀. Glad I know now👌

Gail Mariage says:

Sent this link to a mom who's due in April.

Mieya Hardee says:

It video make me realize that I can afford to be a mom! All my friends tell me that's the most expensive part when they first come. I'm gonna be the pregnant lady wobbling and couponing on crazy. People gonna think I have twins lol

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